Unleashing Brilliance: Nissi's "Unboxed" EP 2023 Review - A Sonic Odyssey of Afrobeats and Beyond

“Unboxed” marks Nissi’s resounding entry into the music scene. She’s a super-talented Nigerian artist known for her musical prowess and happens to be Burna Boy‘s younger sister.

Nissi's "Unboxed" EP 2023 Review

This seven-track masterpiece showcases her remarkable ability to transcend musical boundaries, as she navigates through a spectrum of genres, including Afrobeats, Amapiano, Jazz, R&B, and Soul.

In this review, we’ll embark on a sonic journey, dissecting each track and exploring the artistic depth of Nissi’s “Unboxed.”

Nissi’s “Unboxed” EP: Track Analysis

Nissi's "Unboxed" EP: Track Analysis

1. “Heavy” (Produced by Telz)

“Unboxed” opens with “Heavy,” a sunny track that sets the stage for the EP. Nissi’s vulnerability shines as she sings about the love and beauty of friendship.

The song exudes warmth and honesty, celebrating those loyal and honest individuals who unconditionally support and love us. “Heavy” introduces us to Nissi’s emotional depth, and the bright instrumentation adds a refreshing touch.

2. “Higher” (Produced by Kiyagi and Killertunes)

“Higher” takes a bold step into the world of Amapiano, showcasing Nissi’s willingness to explore new genre-blending waves.

The song incorporates Yoruba language ad-libs, infusing cultural elements into the track. Nissi’s lyrical audacity is on full display as she sings about the futility of long talks and negative energy while boasting about her vocal prowess.

The infectious one-liner, “Omo ope wa gbera” (move to the dance floor), invites listeners to get on their feet and dance.

3. “Overthinking” (Produced by Jay Weathers)

“Overthinking” is a musical haven where Nissi invites us to break free from the clutches of incessant thoughts. The multi-layered production, including kicks, piano, and the talking drum, immerses us in a captivating soundscape.

Nissi’s vocal performance effortlessly complements the intricate instrumentals. This track is a testament to her ability to evoke emotion through her music.

4. “Nobody” (ft. Fireboy DML, Produced by TSB, Eyes, and Kiyagi)

“Nobody” featuring Fireboy DML is a highlight of the EP, showcasing the power of collaboration. Nissi and Fireboy’s chemistry is palpable as they celebrate the fierce love and loyalty between two people who would defy the world for each other.

The Soul-Spiced tune is a testament to the depth of connection that love can foster. Both artists leverage their strengths to create a standout track.

5. “Unwind” (Produced by Kiyagi)

“Unwind” is a carefree and joyful track that encourages listeners to make time for life’s pleasures amid its struggles.

Nissi’s playful demeanor shines through as she advocates for the “chop life geng,” reminding workaholics to take breaks and enjoy the moment. The track is a perfect reminder that it’s okay to unwind and savor life’s small joys.

6. “Thunder” (ft. Teni, Produced by Kiyagi and Jay Weathers)

“Thunder” featuring Teni is a track that exudes self-assuredness and encourages embracing one’s true self.

The song challenges the notion of shrinking to accommodate others and instead advocates for unapologetically taking up space.

While the production is vibrant, it could benefit from improved mixing and mastering. Both Nissi and Teni deliver commendable performances.

7. “Gloves”

Nissi’s “Unboxed” EP concludes with “Gloves,” a moody and introspective track. Nissi’s lyrical prowess shines as she pens an open letter to a partner, acknowledging her mood swings and resolve to remain unchanged. The song’s piano and drum-filled production provides a fitting backdrop for Nissi’s introspective lyrics.

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Artist Evolution

Artist Evolution

Nissi’s “Unboxed” EP marks a significant milestone in her musical journey. As an artist heavily influenced by Western sound, Nissi courageously explores sounds from her motherland while infusing elements of Jazz, Soul, R&B, and more.

Her willingness to break free from musical confines and collaborate with the best in the industry is a testament to her growth and artistry.

Nissi’s “Unboxed” EP maintains a cohesive sound while allowing Nissi to shine as an unboxed artist. The collaborations are purposefully concise, ensuring that Nissi’s unique style and voice remain at the forefront of the listening experience.

Nissi’s “Unboxed” Album Summary and Analysis

Nissi's "Unboxed" Album Summary and Analysis

In just over twenty minutes, Nissi’s “Unboxed” takes listeners on an emotional rollercoaster, offering a blend of dance-worthy tracks, introspective moments, and soulful melodies.

Nissi’s willingness to experiment with various genres while staying true to her flair is a testament to her musical prowess.

“Unboxed” serves as a remarkable showcase of Nissi’s artistic evolution, and it firmly establishes her as an emerging star in the African music scene.

As she unboxes herself and breaks the confines of traditional genre boundaries, Nissi invites her audience to join her on a captivating sonic journey.

Nissi’s “Unboxed” is a testament to her musical growth and a glimpse into the bright future that lies ahead.

With each track, she shows her versatility and deep emotional connection to her art, leaving listeners eagerly expecting her next move.

Album Sequencing:

  • Track Order: 8
  • Song Placement: 8
  • Flow of Songs: 9
  • Arrangement: 8
  • Song Progression: 9

Songwriting, Themes, and Delivery:

  • Lyrics and Storytelling: 8
  • Message and Articulation: 9
  • Concept and Artistic Expression: 9
  • Narrative and Presentation: 8
  • Vocal Interpretation: 9


  • Instrumentation: 9
  • Soundscaping: 8
  • Musical Arrangement: 9
  • Sonic Craftsmanship: 8
  • Sound Production: 8

Enjoyability and Satisfaction:

  • Pleasure Factor: 9
  • Entertainment Value: 8
  • Listener’s Delight: 9
  • Overall Enjoyment: 9
  • Fulfillment: 8


  • Performance: 9
  • Realization: 8
  • Implementation: 8
  • Delivery: 9
  • Artistic Rendering: 9


  • Wordcraft: 8
  • Poetic Expression: 9
  • Lyrical Prowess: 8
  • Penmanship: 9
  • Verbal Artistry: 8


  • Song List: 9
  • Album Order: 8
  • Sequence of Tracks: 8
  • Track Order: 8
  • Song Arrangement: 8

Sound Engineering:

  • Audio Engineering: 8
  • Sonic Craftsmanship: 8
  • Audio Production: 8
  • Sound Manipulation: 8
  • Acoustic Mastery: 8


  • Singing: 9
  • Vocal Performance: 9
  • Voice Artistry: 9
  • Singing Style: 8
  • Vocal Delivery: 9

Listening Experience:

  • Auditory Journey: 9
  • Music Appreciation: 9
  • Sonic Voyage: 8
  • Acoustic Adventure: 9
  • Hearing Engagement: 9

Melodycenta Overall Rating: 8.6