Cassper Nyovest Solomon Album Review: A Royal Affirmation of South African Hip-Hop Kingship in 2023Cassper Nyovest Solomon Album Review: A Royal Affirmation of South African Hip-Hop Kingship in 2023

Cassper Nyovest Solomon Album Review: Cassper Nyovest’s seventh studio album reaffirms Don Billiato’s unmatched kingship and affluence in the South African Hip-Hop community.

Cassper Nyovest Solomon Album Review 2023

The iconic title “Solomon” holds both Biblical and historical significance. Regardless of the path one follows, it leads to a conclusion emphasizing the rapper’s supremacy in the South African Hip-Hop community.

Since the album’s release, there have been conflicting reactions from fans regarding the album’s title. This raises an important question: Why is the title significant? Titles play a crucial role in shaping the overall message of musical albums.

For readers and fans unaware of this, Cassper Nyovest often names his musical projects after his family and friends. Examples include his debut album, “Tsholofelo,” named after his sister, and his second album, “Refiloe,” named after himself, among others.

However, it’s essential to clarify that just because Cassper frequently names his projects after family and friends, it doesn’t mean that his seventh album, “Solomon,” is named after his bosom friend known as Carpo.

Solomon is indeed Cassper’s friend, but the album carries a rich religious undertone associated with the Biblical King Solomon, who ruled over the children of Israel from 970 to 931 BCE.

When looking at Cassper Nyovest Solomon album review, understanding the full meaning of this album is a complex task. Thus, it’s wise to rely on the title while considering other vital elements to draw a solid conclusion. One such element is the album’s cover art.

Cassper Nyovest Solomon Album Review: Cover Art Analysis

Cassper Nyovest Solomon Album Review: Cover Art

The album’s cover is simple yet symbolic. It features the rapper standing in front of a blue-white entrance with the inscription “Jesus Rules.”

Cassper is dressed in a white outfit with a blue sash, and the inscription is directly above his head as he poses for the photo.

Two elements stand out in the cover art: the recurring colors and the inscription that reaffirms Jesus’ supremacy.

The inscription signifies Jesus is the ultimate and greatest of all kings, while Cassper is arguably the embodiment of Solomon, the King who once ruled over Israel after David.

The white outfit symbolizes lyrical purity, and the blue sash represents the endless opportunities that his lyrical kingship presents.

With this analysis, it’s clear that there’s no direct connection between the album and the rapper’s friend. The similarity in names is merely coincidental.

Cassper Nyovest Solomon Album Review: Track List

Cassper Nyovest Solomon Album Review: Track List

The “Solomon” album comprises 11 tracks in total. Two of these tracks feature collaborations with Alicia Keys, Windows 2000, Nobantu Vilakazi, and Maglera Doe Boy.

Here are the track lists in the same order as they appear on the album:

  • Bashimane.
  • Who Jah Bless.
  • Balmain.
  • Ever Changing Times.
  • Candlelight.
  • Chomie Lover Friend feat. Alie Keys, Nobantu Vilakazi & Windows 2000.
  • Beautiful Mind.
  • After 10.
  • 018 (feat. Maglera Doe Boy)
  • It’s Not The Same.
  • Blow Your Lungs.

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Cassper Nyovest Solomon Album Review: Track-by-Track Analysis

Cassper Nyovest Solomon Album Review: Track-by-Track Analysis

The reaffirmation of Don Billiato’s kingship begins with “Bashimane,” a track that unveils his legacy, greatness, and affluence as the King of South African Hip-Hop.

The second track samples the king’s journey to the altar as he describes himself as a ruler “Who Jah Bless” with a kingdom and all its riches, akin to the Biblical King Solomon.

“Balmain” takes a shot at his alleged enemies, friends who have turned against him, and ungrateful young rappers he has brought into the limelight.

In “Ever Changing Times,” he discusses his contribution to the growth of South African Hip-Hop, reaffirming his kingship by claiming responsibility for the global recognition of SA Hip-Hop.

“Candlelight” serves as a tribute to late South African stars who died prematurely. Here, he raps about the legacies these deceased artists left behind, mentioning names like AKA and Costa Titch.

Chomie Lover Friend feat. Alie Keys, Nobantu Vilakazi & Windows 2000, brings to bear the rapper’s struggle with love. 

Beautiful Mind recounts his story with a girl, a fan he met some time ago but couldn’t establish a relationship with because the girl refused to give him her mobile contact.

After 10 talks about the rapper’s initial thought of quitting music after failing to reach the limelight after 10 years of battling with the career. He also talks about his breakthrough in the industry.

018 feats. Maglera Doe Boy is a high-temp trap track produced with 808 drum machine beats. The song has catchy melodies with an ominous undertone similar to the bare-bones production of the UK Drill.

It’s Not the Same talk about the rapper’s growth as an artiste and as an entrepreneur. In the song, Cassper boasts about his global acceptance and regional supremacy.

The confidence behind this track was impressive until the rapper became too boastful by calling himself “the most Google individual”.

Blow Your Lungs is a royal conclusion reaffirming the supremacy, affluence, and kingship of the reincarnated Solomon from the line of David.

He begins the track by sending greetings and appreciation to his subjects. To validate his kingship, the subjects echo back in excitement, their appraisal of him.

The track is an embodiment of everything from his legacy to lyrical dexterity, to affluence, then to popularity.

Towards the end of the song are the thunderous voices of the masses giving him endless ovations by shouting his name at the top of their voice, a typical way of congratulating a man who has just concluded a heroic exploit.

The album is not just a declaration of Cassper Nyovest’s kingship; it is also a lyrical documentation of royal wisdom.