AP Dhillon's "Two Hearts Never Break the Same" Album review AP Dhillon's "Two Hearts Never Break the Same" Album review

AP Dhillon’s “Two Hearts Never Break the Same” EP showcases his ascent in the music scene, blending genres and evoking deep emotions. AP Dhillon, the Indo-Canadian singer, rapper, and record producer, has been making waves in the Punjabi music industry. With a string of successful singles and collaborations, Dhillon has gained recognition on both the UK Asian and Punjabi charts.

AP Dhillon "Two Hearts Never Break the Same

His association with the label ‘Run-Up Records alongside Gurinder Gill, Shinda Kahlon, and Gminxr’ further solidified his position in the industry. In 2020, Dhillon released his first EP, “Not by Chance,” which garnered significant attention and chart success. Now, with his latest offering, “Two Hearts Never Break the Same,” Dhillon continues to captivate hearts and showcase his musical prowess.

Two Hearts Never Break the Same; Cover Art Analysis

AP Dhillon "Two Hearts Never Break the Same Cover Art Analysis

The cover art for “Two Hearts Never Break the Same” visually represents the EP’s emotional intensity and theme. Featuring a black-and-white photograph of a couple embracing, the image creates a powerful impact.

The backlighting and halo effect surrounding their heads add a mystique and emphasize the depth of their connection. The simplicity of the design effectively conveys the message that even though two hearts may break, they are forever linked.

Using black and white, along with the contrasting emotions they represent, adds a layer of complexity and mirrors the EP’s exploration of love, loss, and hope. Overall, the cover art perfectly complements the music and sets the tone for the listening experience.

Two Hearts Never Break the Same EP Overview

AP Dhillon "Two Hearts Never Break the Same'' Album Overview

“Two Hearts Never Break the Same” comprises six unique songs that showcase AP Dhillon’s versatility and emotional range. Each track, including “Dil Nu,” “Hills,” “All Night,” “Summer High,” “Wo Noor,” and “Final Thoughts,” is a collaborative effort between Dhillon and Shinda Kahlon.

Together, they deliver a blend of contemporary R&B, synthpop, and trap elements that resonate with listeners. The EP explores sensuality, heartbreak, and self-reflection, drawing the audience into a captivating journey of emotions.


Two Hearts Never Break the Same; Track Analysis

AP Dhillon "Two Hearts Never Break the Same'' Track Analysis

“All Night (Live)”
Opening the EP, “All Night (Live)” sets the tone with a simmering ballad highlighting Dhillon’s laid back vocal style. Rooted in drums, piano, bass, and guitar, this live version exudes a jam room atmosphere and showcases the artist’s ability to create an intimate, engaging sound.

“Wo Noor”
Flipping the mood, “Wo Noor” presents a subtle shift in the EP’s sonic landscape. While not the most impressive beat, the song introduces synth-pop elements that glimpse Dhillon’s experimental intentions. The echoing vocals and rock-solid groove make it an ideal track for a late-night drive.

“Summer High”
“Summer High” is a meaningful yet groovy bop that resonates with a wide audience. With its disco-funk shine, the track captures the relatability and danceability factors. Unsurprisingly, this song has become a favorite among fans, powering dance videos and club nights.

Following the EP’s most popular song, “Hills” brings a slow, slinky rhythm that allows Dhillon’s verses to float effortlessly. With an ambient-rap approach, the track reveals his versatility and showcases his ability to experiment with different styles. “Hills” proves to be the hidden gem of the EP, captivating listeners with its meandering qualities.

“Dil Nu”
“Dil Nu” pays homage to The Weeknd’s influence, presenting synth-pop production and playful yet honest lyrics. Dhillon’s delivery and heartfelt expressions, combined with shimmering synth elements, create an immersive experience for listeners. This track solidifies his ability to blend genres seamlessly and craft catchy melodies.

“Final Thoughts,”
As the EP’s closer, “Final Thoughts,” reassures fans that Dhillon hasn’t lost his touch for crafting bangers. This flashy, fast-paced, drill-inspired track combines Punjabi and English wordplay, showcasing Dhillon’s lyrical prowess. With Shinda Kahlon and Gminxr joining in, the song creates a party atmosphere with its perfect balance of menace and mirth.


AP Dhillon "Two Hearts Never Break the Same"

AP Dhillon’s “Two Hearts Never Break the Same” EP shows his continued rise in the music industry. With his trademark blend of genres and emotional depth, Dhillon delivers a captivating listening experience. From the introspective ballad “All Night (Live)” to the groovy anthem “Summer High” and the atmospheric “Hills,” each track offers something unique.

Dhillon’s versatility shines throughout the EP, and his ability to connect with listeners through relatable themes sets him apart. “Two Hearts Never Break the Same” is another milestone in AP Dhillon’s career, solidifying his position as a prominent artist in contemporary R&B and Punjabi music.

Based on the breakdown of the EP and the overall experience it offers, the Melodycenta team would give it a sincere 8.5 out of 10 rating score. The EP showcases the artist’s versatility and emotional range. Dhillon’s vocals are smooth and soulful, and his lyrics are honest and relatable. The production is top-notch, and the songs are catchy and well-crafted.