"I Love It Here" Review: The Lyrical Collection of Nasty C's Favorite Physical and Mental Spaces in 2023"I Love It Here" Review: The Lyrical Collection of Nasty C's Favorite Physical and Mental Spaces in 2023

Nasty C’s fourth studio album, “I Love it Here,” offers a riveting exploration of the rapper’s deepest thoughts and experiences. Through 19 tracks, Ivyson offers the profound impact of fatherhood and the relentless pursuit of authenticity in the unforgiving spotlight of fame.

"I Love It Here" Review

The title of the album (I Love It Here) depicts the physical and mental spaces that delight the rapper. Thus, “I Love it Here” conveys his preference for fatherhood, married life, and his current headspace when it comes to making music.

Album Cover Analysis of “I Love It Here”

Album Cover Analysis of "I Love It Here"

The title (I Love It Here) gives the listeners an abstract clue about the rapper’s priorities and activities that dominate his scale of preference, while the cover art showcases them concretely.

The cover art of “I Love It Here” possesses sharp elegance wrapped in iconic simplicity and charm.

The setting of the cover is the rapper’s sitting room, with the sound system fixed at a strategic corner of the room.

The epicenter of the room is the rapper sitting close to his girlfriend, who is gazing at the baby she nurses. Then the green carpet demarcates their trio’s spot from the remaining portion of the room.

At the top center corner of the cover art is the inscription “love,” which signifies preference and delight.

In conclusion, the sound system depicts Ivyson’s cherished musical career, while the picture of him and the girlfriend with the baby stands for the love he has for his newly acquired immediate family.

The green carpet demarcating the trio from other parts of the room depicts his decision to disallow the disruption of the happiness of his family by every other engagement, including music, and also the interference of his family in his career.

Thus, he loves the balance he has maintained, ensuring that every part of him functions smoothly and independently without collision.

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Track by Track Analysis of “I Love It Here”

Track by Track Analysis of "I Love It Here"

Through raw, emotionally ignited storytelling, Nasty C invites listeners into his world, sharing his triumphs and tribulations with unapologetic honesty. Here he talks to the listeners through the major tracks on the “I Love It Here” album.

“Crazy” has a high-register tone and sounds like a song recorded during the rapper’s moment of optimum inspiration because of its elevated vocality.

“Release Me” On this track, the rapper speaks about letting go of all the things that he has been a slave to for a long time.

This is a very introspective song where the rapper delves into his own skin and talks about who he really is, what he really enjoys doing, and his readiness to be free from the things people expect him to do as a superstar.

He wants to release himself from the shackles of clubbing, womanizing, and drinking so that he can truly focus on his family and career.

“Prosper in Peace” featuring Benny the Butcher is a super hard boom-bap beat with some wavy flows, showcasing the duo’s lyrical dexterity and mastery.

“Prosper in Peace” preaches the benefits and rewards of social exclusiveness. This hints at the rapper’s enviable height following his decision to be released from undue clubbing and flirting.

“Temptation” featuring Manana is not a song about the temptation that comes with fame but the temptation of street life and the one the youth faces while growing up.

The song narrates the story of someone who chose the street life instead of the academic route and the consequences that come with such a choice.

“Kill the Noise” featuring Anica and Maglera Doe Boy is a graphic story about a person dealing with abuse in their house.

The song mirrors the irony of life as the foregrounded person suffers abuse in a house that is supposed to protect him, and out of frustration, he eventually snaps and kills the abuser.

“Pops” is a dedication to Nasty C’s father for all the sacrifices he had to make for the survival and well-being of his kids.

Track by Track Analysis of "I Love It Here"

He gives his father some flowers here because he has the demands of fatherhood now that he has become one.

So, while celebrating his father, he also celebrates his own newborn son (who is arguably the baby seen on the album cover).

In “Dear Oliver,” the rapper hints at his expectations of his son and the celebrations that accompanied his birth.

The first verse of the song explores the activities during his son’s pre-natal era. One could make a bold claim by citing the last part of the first verse where the rapper says, “When I get to hold you, I’ll come back to this mic and tell you some more.”

After this line, what you hear is the soundbite of the child being born. You hear him crying; you hear the doctor speaking, the scalpels, and then the beat kicks in, taking the listeners to the rapper’s concluding verse on who he loves.

Truly, Nasty loves it mostly when the place favors his family and career; a reason he had to move to the US.

Nasty C “I Love It Here” Album Review & Summary

Nasty C "I Love It Here" Album Review & Summary

Overall, “I Love It Here” is a compelling journey, offering a masterful fusion of Nasty C’s lyrical prowess and his emotional depth. It’s a celebration of authenticity and the value of family amidst the whirlwind of fame. For its introspection, creativity, and emotional depth, we rate “I Love It Here” a solid 9/10.

Nasty C’s latest offering is not just an album; it’s a testament to the growth of an artist who continues to redefine the boundaries of his craft while staying true to himself.

It’s an exploration of love, family, and the relentless pursuit of one’s authentic self. In “I Love It Here,” Nasty C invites us into his world, and it’s a journey well worth taking.