Mayorkun's "Love.. For Free" EP Review: A Return to Afrobeats Excellence in 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of the Nigerian music industry, Mayorkun, popularly known as the “Mayor of Lagos,” has experienced his fair share of highs and lows. Once the reigning star, he was the artist who could do no wrong, turning down collaboration offers as they poured in.

Mayorkun's "Love.. For Free" EP Review

His career took a different turn with intermittent breaks and a label change from Davido Music Worldwide to Sony Music West Africa.

After a hiatus of about six months, Mayorkun has made a triumphant return in October with his latest extended play (EP), “Love.. For Free.” This five-track project showcases the artist’s exploration of love, reflections on his break, and subtle messages to his critics.

Track-By-Track Analysis

Track-By-Track Analysis

1. “Lose Control” (feat. Blxckie)

The EP opens with “Lose Control,” featuring South African rapper Blxckie. This track sets the stage with bouncy guitar strings and kicks, unraveling a complicated relationship between Mayorkun and his partner.

The chorus encapsulates the essence of their discord: “She wants love for free, she wants all of me.” Mayorkun’s confession and Blxckie’s contribution make this track an engaging exploration of love’s complexities.

2. “Thermo”

“Thermo” follows, with Mayorkun expressing admiration for a woman’s beauty. The lyrics highlight her qualities: helpful, beautiful, and sexy. The melding of log drums and strings in this track creates an enchanting composition, making it a notable addition to the EP.

3. “For Daddy”

“For Daddy,” a previously released hit single in April 2023, takes a softer approach as Mayorkun expresses his starstruck admiration for his beloved Amarachi.

His confession of being intoxicated by her beauty is reflected in lyrics that liken her love to a drug he craves. This track carries a calm and serene vibe, making it a soothing interlude in the EP.

4. “My Energy”

Arguably the standout track of the EP, “My Energy” delves into a deeply personal and emotionally charged narrative. Mayorkun’s impassioned performance reflects his inner turmoil, as he prays for his enemies to prosper while asserting his independence and emotional detachment.

This track showcases Mayorkun’s vocal range and ability to craft beautiful melodies that resonate with the soul. The production, characterized by its intricate composition, enhances the emotional impact of the song.

5. “Lowkey!”

The EP concludes with “Lowkey!,” released shortly before the project’s debut. This track maintains the emotional energy established in “My Energy” as Mayorkun opens up about experiences of betrayal.

His impassioned delivery hints at the profound impact of these betrayals. Despite the somber theme, “Lowkey!” has the power to uplift the listener, as it has evolved into a hit from its origins in personal pain.

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EP Theme

EP Theme

“Love.. For Free” paints a multifaceted portrait of Mayorkun’s experiences and emotions. The EP reveals the artist’s vulnerability while also ensuring that the listener enjoys the journey.

As Mayorkun bares his soul in tracks like “My Energy” and “Lowkey!,” he simultaneously invites his audience to let loose and groove to his captivating melodies.

This duality is a testament to the artist’s ability to connect on a deep emotional level while maintaining an enjoyable musical experience.

Production Credits

Production Credits

The EP’s production, spearheaded by Bolatito ‘BMH’ Obisanya and Kazeez, reflects a meticulous approach to musical craftsmanship. The combination of intricate instrumentals, rhythmic arrangements, and Mayorkun’s dynamic vocals showcases the dedication and expertise of the production team.

Mayorkun’s “Love.. For Free” EP Analysis

Mayorkun's "Love.. For Free" EP Analysis

“Love.. For Free” is a commendable project, but it offers a relatively limited musical journey. Mayorkun, known for his hit singles, plays it safe in this EP.

While it doesn’t stray far from the artist’s signature style, it also lacks the depth and exploration seen in his previous works, such as “The Mayor of Lagos” in 2018.

The songwriting in this EP appears to be at its lowest point, with the project primarily relying on Mayorkun’s impeccable vocal delivery and the support of backup singers.

Although two previously released singles are included, the decision to feature more tracks would have been welcome. Mayorkun’s approach may be perceived as cautious, but it reminds listeners of his undeniable brilliance as an artist.

Mayorkun’s “Love.. For Free” is a project that signals the artist’s return to the Nigerian music scene. While it may not offer groundbreaking innovation or a departure from his signature style, it reaffirms his position as an Afrobeats hit maker.

With tracks like “My Energy” and “Lowkey!” demonstrating his ability to blend personal experiences with captivating melodies, Mayorkun proves that he still has what it takes to captivate his audience.

In a time where instant gratification often reigns supreme, this EP serves as a reminder of Mayorkun’s musical prowess and his potential for future success.

“Love.. For Free” may not be a groundbreaking release, but it showcases Mayorkun’s enduring talent and solidifies his presence in the ever-competitive world of Afrobeats.

EP Overall Rating

Album Sequencing:

  • Track Order: 7
  • Song Placement: 7
  • Flow of Songs: 8
  • Arrangement: 8
  • Song Progression: 7

Songwriting, Themes, and Delivery:

  • Lyrics and Storytelling: 7
  • Message and Articulation: 7
  • Concept and Artistic Expression: 8
  • Narrative and Presentation: 7
  • Vocal Interpretation: 9


  • Instrumentation: 8
  • Soundscaping: 7
  • Musical Arrangement: 8
  • Sonic Craftsmanship: 8
  • Sound Production: 8

Enjoyability and Satisfaction:

  • Pleasure Factor: 8
  • Entertainment Value: 7
  • Listener’s Delight: 8
  • Overall Enjoyment: 8
  • Fulfillment: 7


  • Performance: 8
  • Realization: 7
  • Implementation: 7
  • Delivery: 8
  • Artistic Rendering: 8


  • Wordcraft: 7
  • Poetic Expression: 7
  • Lyrical Prowess: 7
  • Penmanship: 7
  • Verbal Artistry: 7


  • Song List: 8
  • Album Order: 7
  • Sequence of Tracks: 7
  • Track Order: 7
  • Song Arrangement: 8

Sound Engineering:

  • Audio Engineering: 8
  • Sonic Craftsmanship: 8
  • Audio Production: 8
  • Sound Manipulation: 7
  • Acoustic Mastery: 7


  • Singing: 9
  • Vocal Performance: 9
  • Voice Artistry: 8
  • Singing Style: 8
  • Vocal Delivery: 8

Listening Experience:

  • Auditory Journey: 8
  • Music Appreciation: 8
  • Sonic Voyage: 7
  • Acoustic Adventure: 7
  • Hearing Engagement: 8

Melodycenta overall Rating: 7.6/10


1Lose Control (feat. Blxckie)2:58
3For Daddy2:33
4My Energy2:40