Mohbad Blessed EP Review 2023: A Breakout from AfroGang to Street Hip-Hop

Mohbad Blessed EP Review: Mohbad’s sophomore extended play, “Blessed,” explains the fortune that the late rapper’s life and career were privileged to identify with. He disclosed this in his last interview with The Beat 99.9 FM in July 2023, saying the EP’s title is self-explanatory in that God has abundantly blessed him by taking his career to a noble height.

Mohbad Blessed EP Review 2023: A Breakout from AfroGang to Street Hip-Hop

Released on 30 June 2023, Mohbad Blessed EP takes the audience to a fresh chapter in his life and creative journey. It illustrates his unwavering resolve to conquer obstacles and persist in making music that profoundly connects with the urban landscape.

This EP serves as Mohbad’s opportunity to reaffirm his position as one of Nigeria’s most prospective talents, which came to pass through his nomination in the 16th Headies Award. However, he lost it to Seyi Vibes, sadly losing his glory to the cold hand of death on the 12th of September, 2023.

With songs done in English, Nigerian, and Yoruba, the EP boasts many noteworthy elements that fans may have yet to discover.

One of the standout features of Mohbad Blessed EP is its emblematic album artwork. As you delve into the penultimate line, you might wonder, “What sets this album cover apart?”

Mohbad Blessed EP‘s Art Work and Its Significance

Mohbad Blessed EP's Art Work and Its Significance

Mohbad‘s penchant for incorporating iconic words, images, lines, and graphics into his artistry made him different from other street-oriented Nigerian artists. This affinity for iconic and sometimes unconventional elements showcased the late rapper’s unique and original style.

While the album cover may not be unique, it has an iconic aura. The artwork features a blurred image of the late rapper, symbolizing the early stages of his career’s evolution.

The image vividly portrays an emerging artist on the path to stardom. Its blurriness signifies his ascent in the industry as he steadily gained recognition through performances and streams.

This project encompasses far more than can be explored through analyzing its album cover alone; further insights await in the subsequent sections. Keep reading for more…

Mohbad Blessed EP Tracklists

  • Beast & Peace
  • Sabi
  • Account Balance Ft Zlatan
  • Omo Mi
  • Blessing
  • La Pio Pio
  • Ask About Me
  • Pariwo Ft Bella Shmurda

Mohbad Blessed EP Tracks Analysis

Mohbad Blessed EP Tracklists

Mohbad Blessed EP begins with a track so emotional that the tinge of drums sounds like a war cry spiced with violin accompanies the sound. “Beast and Peace” is the track, and we love it for its presentation of the realities that youth are engaging in to make a living.

This rap track features Imole telling his story of involvement in cybercrime, drug, and other gangster activities to survive. The thumping drum lingers as he acknowledges his parents for their efforts to steer him away from the street, and it is indicated in the song that he eventually distanced himself from the evil gang.

“Beast and Peace” presents a child of two worlds, Mohbad, in his uncultured days and subsequently a changed Imole giving advice to other youth. He ends the song with a note that the world is big enough for everyone to strive, hence, “you don’t have to hurt me before you win.”

“Beast and Peace” tells the story of his involvement in ill-mannered adventures for survival, while “Sabi” tells the story of his steadfastness and hard work as an emerging artiste.

“Account Balance,” an Amapiano song featuring Zlatan, tells the story of the street boys’ hardworking nature and involvement in legitimate business ventures for money. This song is the opposite of “Beast and Peace” in that it prioritizes decency in business against indecency, as found in “Beast and Peace.”

The fourth track, “Owo Mi,” narrates the contribution and sacrifices made by the singer’s lover, probably his girlfriend. The song sees the rapper highlighting his love and admiration for this lady who had been his ardent supporter and fan before fame.

“Blessing” is a lyrical appreciation of God for the rapper’s successful musical journey amidst the hatred he has countered and encountered in the industry. The track has a slow-tempo beat infused with emotion and sober reflection.

“La Pio Pio” journeys the listeners back to the old and unrefined Mohbad whose sound was heavily influenced by the AfroGan groove of Naira Marley. The Niphkeys-produced track sees Imole tapping from his first root (AfroGang) with expertise like a soldier marching into a known territory.

The most lively and energetic track in the EP promotes sexuality and indiscriminate sexual behavior, a recurring theme in his ex-label boss’s discography.

“Ask About Me” is an Amapiano track that touches on the challenges militating against his progress in the previous years, ranging from the ill-treatment from his ex-label to the general hatred from the industry and the street at large.

A narrative affirming his resilience and unwavering exploits to make headway in the music industry. The track “Pariwo” is a collaborative work put together by him and Bella Shmurda.

In the intro, Bella reminds the listeners of his assertiveness and fearlessness. He boasts around in the hook, emphasizing and re-emphasizing the daring nature of his personality, a personality that is not easily intimidated by external forces. This track carries the entire story of Imole’s continued resistance against attacks and confrontations.

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Mohbad Blessed EP Review and Rating

Mohbad Blessed EP Review and Rating

Projects released by street artistes often celebrate drugs, cybercrime, and indiscriminate sexual exploits, but we are glad to name Mohbad’s ‘Blessed” an exception.

Content-wise, this project explores different subjects ranging from man’s constant battle to forgo evil for good, to man’s involvement in indecent exploits for survival, to man’s redemption and total dependence on God for progress, etc.

The rapper employed eight different producers’ services, each bringing different appealing sounds and making Mohbad Blessed EP a blend of many but correlated sounds.

Judging the project as a second attempt by an artiste with little resources and unorganized management, Mohbad Blessed EP deserves a 10/10 score; sadly, none of Mohbad’s projects will ever compete with it as the rapper has recently joined his ancestors in the realm of the silent ones.