Album review of 'Seyi Vibez Thy Kingdom Come'

Seyi Vibez, a Nigerian music sensation, has once again shocked the music industry with his latest surprise album, ‘Seyi Vibez Thy Kingdom Come.’ This latest offering from the artist further solidifies his position as a rising star, showcasing his exploration of Apala music at a whole new level.

'Seyi Vibez Thy Kingdom Come': Exploring Apala Music and Seyi Vibez's Artistic Evolution

Exploring Apala Music: Seyi vibez’s Artistic Evolution

Exploring Apala Music: Seyi vibez's Artistic Evolution

In his previous album, Seyi Vibez sought to balance his music and brand after gaining recognition and being compared to Asake, who made waves with his fusion of Amapiano, Hip Hop, and Fuji music. With ‘Seyi Vibez Thy Kingdom Come,’ he pushes the boundaries of his talent, delving deeper into the Apala genre.

Determined to establish himself as an artist unbounded by the rules of the mainstream, Seyi Vibez showcases his unique style and artistic maturity through the music and the spontaneity of his releases.

‘Seyi Vibez Thy Kingdom Come’ introduces us to a more confident and mature Seyi Vibez, who declares himself as the man of the year. It is evident that he aims to move past the rivalry that propelled him to mainstream fame, indicating his intention to reach for the sky and explore new horizons.

The album features 10 tracks that offer a glimpse into Seyi Vibez’s journey, as he shares his success with his family, friends, and fans through heartfelt eulogies and an elevated listening experience.

Throughout the album, Seyi Vibez celebrates his accomplishments in a manner reminiscent of Fuji artists, embracing the chest-thumping moments that come with success. He openly discusses his enjoyment of the company of different women, vindicating his now lascivious lifestyle.

He takes pride in bringing honor to his family and pays tribute to his late mother, showcasing vulnerability amidst the powerful beats of log drums and confident flows. The fusion of Apala and Fuji melodies on an Amapiano backdrop adds a distinct flavor to Seyi Vibez’s music, highlighting his deep connection to his indigenous roots.

Track Analysis of ‘Seyi Vibez Thy Kingdom Come’

Track Analysis of 'Seyi Vibez Thy Kingdom Come'

In tracks like ‘Professor,’ Seyi Vibez showcases his technique and artistry by offering a pop-inspired variation of his Fuji interlude from ‘VTTKC,’ paying homage to Fuji legends Pasuma, Remi Aluko, and Malaika. ‘Hushpuppi’ stands out with its infectious and melodious tune, demonstrating Seyi Vibez’s proficiency in the Apala genre through implementing the call-and-response technique.

Similarly, ‘Migos’ exhibits the influence of Fuji music, with its drum pattern, flow scheme, and arrangement, all reminiscent of the Fuji playbook. Seyi Vibez skillfully combines the vulgarity often associated with Fuji acts with his unique style, showcasing his exceptional abilities.

One of the album’s standout tracks is ‘Trumpet,’ where Seyi Vibez seamlessly blends Amapiano and Apala, resulting in a record that brings vibrant street energy into the mainstream. Despite achieving fame and enjoying unprecedented success, Seyi Vibez remains grounded, openly revealing the less glamorous aspects of his life.

From discussing his addiction to his laptop in ‘VTTKC’ to addressing the IRS and tax returns in ‘Thy Kingdom Come,’ Seyi Vibez offers a glimpse into his world, showcasing his authenticity and reliability.

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Album Overview of ‘Seyi Vibez Thy Kingdom Come’

Album Overview of 'Seyi Vibez Thy Kingdom Come'

Sonically, Seyi Vibez’s vocals and arrangements still lean toward familiar street music, a core part of his musical identity. His religious influences shine through as he interpolates Arabic words and identifies as a child of God. However, what sets ‘Seyi Vibez Thy Kingdom Come’ apart is the prominent influence of Apala, which underlines every track, including the pop and swing records.

Seyi Vibez appears to have consciously settled into his cadence and embrace his musical roots, driving his career with a deep understanding of his audience’s preferences.

He recognizes that after releasing two albums and an EP, listeners have already formed opinions about his music, making it unnecessary to adjust his style to cater to reluctant listeners. Instead, he stays true to his identity and delivers an album that showcases his depth and musical growth.

It’s important to note that while Seyi Vibez emphasizes his Apala influence, it should not be mistaken as a departure from the mainstream or a shift towards solely focusing on the streets where he emerged. ‘Seyi Vibez Thy Kingdom Come’ demonstrates his versatility and willingness to collaborate with artists beyond his base.

For instance, he includes a South Eastern record, ‘Highlife,’ featuring the biggest Igbo mainstream artist of the last decade. He taps into the talents of South African sensation Ami Faku, aiming to connect with listeners across different regions. Seyi Vibez’s writing combines street parlance and Yoruba, reflecting his roots and cultural influences.

His rich musicality shines through his interpolations, where he aspires to the success of billionaires like Dantata, Dangote, and Otedola, declares himself a world champion like Messi, and name-drops acclaimed artists such as Burna Boy, Fuji legend Ayinde Marshall, and references lines from Mafikizolo and Bob Marley.

These influences extend beyond music, as Seyi Vibez adopts the free expressions of Fuji artists to showcase his depth and artistic range. Collaborating closely with his talented producer Yo Dips, Seyi Vibez continues to elevate his artistry with each project.

Releasing two albums just two weeks apart is a bold move for a Nigerian mainstream act and shows Seyi Vibez’s ability to retain the attention of his listeners. This rapid release strategy is more common in the international market, where artists like Future, Drake, and NBA Youngboy frequently release full-length projects in close succession.

However, it’s crucial to consider the context of the Nigerian music industry, which still lacks a robust streaming market for such rapid releases. In a bull market where consumers are increasingly overwhelmed with new music services, it may be time for Seyi Vibez to take a well-deserved breather and bask in his glory.

'Seyi Vibez Thy Kingdom Come'

With four projects released in just eight months, he has proven his talent and ability to captivate audiences, and he needs to reflect on his accomplishments and recharge for future endeavors.

In conclusion, ‘Seyi Vibez Thy Kingdom Come’ is a testament to his growth as an artist. The album showcases his artistic confidence, maturity, and unwavering belief in his talent.

Through a fusion of Apala, Fuji, and Amapiano, Seyi Vibez delivers an album that celebrates his success and stays true to his roots. With heartfelt lyrics, skillful songwriting, and captivating production, he achieves a musical depth that surpasses his previous efforts.

Seyi Vibez has solidified his place in the music industry and has the potential to become a prominent figure both locally and internationally. As he continues collaborating with talented producers and expanding his musical horizons, the future looks bright for Seyi Vibez and his ever-growing fan base.