Uburu Review 2023: Basketmouth's Musical Masterpiece Unveiled

Uburu Review: When Basketmouth, born Bright Okpocha, began conceptualizing his debut project, 2020’s acclaimed “Yabasi,” the comedian harbored a singular ambition: to revolutionize Nigerian pop music.

Uburu Review 2023: Basketmouth's Musical Masterpiece Unveiled

Experimenting with shape-shifting Hip-Hop influences and infusing them with the effervescent Highlife sounds of his Igbo heritage, Basketmouth and his creative partner, Duktor Sett, stumbled upon a formula that transformed “Yabasi” into one of 2020’s most celebrated left turns, bringing regional sounds to the mainstream.

The 2022 follow-up, “Horoscopes,” was an equally ambitious undertaking, as Basketmouth crafted a cinematic production brimming with moments of condensed clarity that delved into the depths of emotions like betrayal, lust, angst, and love.

On his 2023 album, “Uburu,” the creative polymath playfully expands the boundaries of his Hip-Hop-meets-Highlife sound for a lighthearted exploration of hustling, romance, hedonism, and destiny across seven tracks.

Uburu Project Overview

Artist Name: Basketmouth

Project Type: Album

Project Title: Uburu

Writers: Basketmouth and featured artists

Genre: Afrosounds

Release Date: October 27, 2023

Number of Tracks: 7

Runtime: 17 minutes

Producer: Duktor Sett

Record Label: Barons World Entertainment

Featured Artists: Reminisce, Peruzzi, Duncan Mighty, Lojay, Shatta Wale, Victony, BOJ, Timi Dakolo, Laycon, Falz, Bayanni, Quin Madik, Torrain Ball

Tracklists of Uburu

Tracklists of Uburu

“Uburu” comprises seven captivating tracks:

  1. “Goal Keeper” (written by Basketmouth, Shatta Wale, and Byanni)
  2. “Party” (written by Basketmouth and Peruzzi)
  3. “Jolie Jollof” (written by Lojay)
  4. “Koko” (written by Basketmouth, Laycon, and Falz)
  5. “Cover Me” (written by Basketmouth, Qing Madi, and Victony)
  6. “Link Up” (written by Basketmouth, BOJ, and Duncan Mighty)
  7. “Chasing Dreams” (written by Basketmouth, Timi Dakolo, and Reminisce)

Have You Seen These?!!!

Art Cover

Art Cover

Uburu’s artwork stands out from the artist’s previous projects. The album cover features a unique and symbolic design that emphasizes the centrality of intellectualism and deep introspection as the album’s primary themes.

“Uburu” is an Igbo word for “brain.” On the cover, the artist is depicted against a dark backdrop with a bold face and a human brain hovering over his head.

The artwork underscores the artist’s reliance on the intellect for effective musical expression, and the album title serves as an artistic declaration proclaiming the project as the brainchild of Basketmouth.

Album Analysis

Album Analysis

Ever the skilled curator, Basketmouth juxtaposes balmy ditties with explicit Hip-Hop cuts, eliciting exciting turns from his talented cast of guests.

Mavin Records’ signee Bayanni collaborates with Ghanaian Reggae-Dancehall icon Shatta Wale on “Goal-keeper,” as the duo dissects the endless pursuit of material success and the perks of a luxurious lifestyle. Meanwhile, Lojay unabashedly serenades a lover on “Jolie Jollof.”

A couple of Basketmouth’s regular collaborators return here as well, with Peruzzi channeling his inner vibes orchestrator for a sublime performance on “Party,” while Duncan Mighty and BOJ unite for a moving ode to companionship on “Link Up.”

Occasionally on “Uburu,” the instrumental takes a minimalist approach, allowing the artists’ vocals to soar, as on “Cover Me” where Victony and an up-and-coming Qing Madi combine for a sultry declaration of intent.

Still, the project’s highlight is “Chasing Dreams,” a powerful induction into the grass-to-grace canon, elevated by Timi Dakolo’s evocative chorus and unbeatable penmanship from Torrian Ball and Reminisce.

Album Review and Rating

Album Review and Rating

The project showcases Basketmouth’s mastery of various musical genres. The seven tracks draw heavily from Hip-Hop and Afrobeats, revealing the multifaceted construction of the album.

Production for the album is credited to Basketmouth’s regular producer, Duktor Sett, a master beatmaker skilled at crafting infectious beats that resonate with all music lovers, regardless of genre.

The album is a classic with a timeless quality. It has already become a favorite among music enthusiasts and deserves a 10/10 rating.