Laycon's "Bioba" - A Royal Evolution of ArtistryLaycon's "Bioba" - A Royal Evolution of Artistry

Laycon returns with a new album entitled “Bioba.” In the ever-evolving world of Nigerian music, Laycon, born Olamilekan Massoud Agbeleshebioba, has emerged as a true embodiment of the notion that when preparation meets opportunity, success is inevitable.

Laycon's "Bioba" - A Royal Evolution of Artistry

Rising to fame as the winner of the fifth season of the popular reality TV show Big Brother Naija in 2020, Laycon captivated audiences with his wit, strategic gameplay, and undeniable talent. However, breaking free from the shadow of his reality show persona and establishing himself as a serious musician has been daunting.

Laycon’s debut album, “Shall We Begin,” released in 2021, faced criticism and was often overlooked by those who deemed him a reality TV star turned artist. Despite the dismissive reception, the album showcased Laycon’s budding personality, talent, and versatility. Now, with his sophomore effort, “Bioba,” Laycon triumphantly proves his growth as an artist and silences the skeptics.

“Bioba” reverses the sophomore curse, surpassing its predecessor. The album radiates with dynamic music production, masterful songwriting, meticulous sequencing, and an unexpected revelation: Laycon’s controlled and captivating singing ability.

Departing from the South African Amapiano trend, Laycon explores a diverse range of sonic influences on this project. From the Arabian vibes in “Odumodu In A Picanto” to the fusion of hip-hop, grime, trap music, R&B, and Afro-pop, Laycon fearlessly navigates multiple genres, expanding his musical palette.

“Bioba” is Laycon’s proclamation, a self-assured declaration of his coronation as a “King.” With tracks like “Peruzzi’s Interlude,” Laycon emphasizes his innate regal status while finding joy in self-discovery amidst the noise and chaos of the industry.

The thirteen-track body of work reflects the meticulous effort that Laycon has poured into his craft, showcasing his growth and maturity as an artist. Even in songs that maintain the sonic theatrics of his previous work, such as “Remember Me” and “Peruzzi’s Interlude,” Laycon’s evolution is evident.

Track Analysis of Laycon’s “Bioba”

Track Analysis of Bioba

The album starts with the introspective track “Late Nights, Early Days” featuring Oladapo, setting a somber tone. Laycon reflects on his challenges in the music industry, resiliently weathering the storm while dismissing his detractors.

Transitioning into “Shine,” Laycon seamlessly switches to Afrobeat singing, continuing his message of resilience and triumph over adversity. Laycon’s storytelling ability shines throughout the album, providing glimpses into his personal life and relationships.

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“Marathon” reveals Laycon’s romantic side as he sings about his admiration for a woman with an impressive physique. Demonstrating his vocal range, Laycon effortlessly melds his melodic flow with the smooth Afrobeats production.

In “Odumodu In A Picanto,” Laycon showcases his rap prowess with intelligent bars and clever punchlines, touching on relatable topics. The surprises continue with “Trigger,” where Laycon serenades his lover with sleek lines and vocals, accompanied by backup vocalists that enhance the overall appeal.

Laycon's "Bioba"

Laycon’s collaborations on the album add another layer of depth and variety. In “Peruzzi’s Interlude,” featuring Peruzzi, the artists venture into the romantic realm, singing about their respective love interests.

The interlude seamlessly flows into the vibrant and upbeat “Ze Roberto,” which ignites the dancefloor with its infectious energy. Through tracks like “LOL,” Laycon pays homage to his roots and encourages others to pursue their dreams without envy or jealousy.

The title track, “Bioba,” is a testament to Laycon’s self-assuredness as he celebrates himself and praises his woman, accompanied by captivating backup vocals.

“Hear the Rumours” explores Laycon’s melodic side once again, as he assures his love interest of his unwavering devotion despite the gossip and doubts surrounding their relationship. The album concludes on an inspirational note with “Remember Me,” a reminder to persevere and rise above life’s challenges.

Album Overview

Album Overview of Laycon's Bioda

The production credits on “Bioba” are a testament to the attention given to each track. Producers such as Shabba Producer, Tytanium, Back Culture, DWills Harmony, Finito, IBK Sleek, and Big Foot In Your Face bring their expertise to the table, creating a sonically diverse and cohesive album.

“Bioba” encapsulates Laycon’s journey of self-discovery, highlighting his growth as an artist and a person. The album’s overarching theme is acceptance, motivating listeners to embrace their preparation, seize opportunities, and understand that success is a continuous process rather than a destination.

In conclusion, Laycon’s “Bioba” is a testament to his evolution as an artist. With its dynamic production, compelling songwriting, and Laycon’s newfound singing abilities, the album showcases his versatility and solidifies his place in the Nigerian music scene.

Laycon's "Bioba"

Laycon’s sophomore effort is a refreshing departure from the preconceived notions associated with reality TV stars turned musicians, proving that his talent and artistry deserve recognition.

“Bioba” serves as a reminder that Laycon has transcended his reality show beginnings and is carving his path as a respected musician deserving of accolades and critical acclaim.