Medikal 'Planning and Plotting' Review: A Showcase of the Financial and Lyrical Wealth of the Arab Money Gang Rapper in 2023Medikal 'Planning and Plotting' Review: A Showcase of the Financial and Lyrical Wealth of the Arab Money Gang Rapper in 2023

If you appreciate wealth-driven, flamboyant sound akin to Jay-Z and Rick Ross, Medikal’s “Planning and Plotting” is a must-add to your playlist.

Medikal "Planning and Plotting" Review 2023

From its ostentatiously attractive cover art to its lavish thematic content, there’s no denying that the album is a celebration of both financial and lyrical prosperity. Medikal, often referred to as MDK, is the crown prince of the Arab Money Gang’s lyrical dynasty.

With a recent endorsement deal secured by his pet dog, AMG El Chapo, from the dog food company Bricopet Ghana, he’s clearly swimming in wealth and has chosen to share this testimony with his fans through the “Planning and Plotting” album.

Medikal has a unique music style that he has referred to in one of his interviews with as “Medikal’s Rhythm and Algorithm.” A closer look at MDK’s major works is explored in the next section.

Medikal “Planning and Plotting” Album Review

Medikal "Planning and Plotting" Album Review

Ghanaian rapper and Arab Money Gang starboy has consistently produced music, but the scope and tone of his projects since the 2022 collaborative release “Crossroads” have hinted at a new direction for this respected MC.

While “Crossroads” was a two-act critique aimed at critics, haters, and opponents, “Society,” released later the same year, prompted discussions about the direction modern life in Ghana was taking. This was conveyed through a 10-song set that was both soul-searching and candid.

Released less than a year after “Society,” Medikal’s 2023 album, “Planning and Plotting,” is a return to the boisterous soundscape and confident energy of his previous projects, such as 2019 “The Plug” and 2020 “The Truth.”

“Planning and Plotting” falls into the braggadocio soundscape of youthful exuberance and money-centric individuals who revel in extravagant enjoyment and social exclusivity.

Various artistic elements influenced the overall meaning of this album, including the cover art, tracks, and choice of featured artists. We will delve into the cover art in the next section.

Cover Art Analysis

Medikal "Planning and Plotting" Cover Art Analysis

The artwork conveys a great deal about the album. Thematically, the project celebrates both material and lyrical wealth, business-oriented conversations, and extravagance.

The cover art features the rapper in stylish designer attire, sporting a gold wristwatch and flaunting a set of grillz, symbolizing wealth and its unabashed display.

This cover art encapsulates the essence of “Planning and Plotting” as a lyrical celebration of extravagance and a preference for business over frivolities, a theme that’s aptly captured in the track “Scary” (Ehu) when Medikal asserts, “I don’t play truth or dare.”

Album Tracklists and Featured Artists

The album boasts collaborations with both Ghanaian and non-Ghanaian artists. Nationally, it features Sarkodie, Shatta Wale, Tom D’Frick, Sherifa Gunu, Ofori Amponsah, Jhay Bhad, and Headie One.

From outside Ghana, former DMW signee Mayorkun lends his vocal strength to the album’s 7th track. The album includes the following tracks:

  1. Sowutuom
  2. Cartel
  3. Scary (Ehu)
  4. We Made It
  5. Hope
  6. Convo
  7. Balenciaga
  8. Provider
  9. My Way
  10. Big Man Tin
  11. Slow Motion
  12. Enjoy
  13. Road Clear
  14. Sokoo

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Track-by-Track Analysis

Tracks Analysis

Ominous snares, ear-splitting basslines, and hard-hitting percussion set the stage for MDK to effortlessly boast about his financial success, relationships, and his position at the peak of his career, as heard on tracks like “Big Man Tin” and “Convo.”

Across 14 vibrant songs, MDK takes time to reflect on his journey and accomplishments, collaborating with fellow Ghanaian MC Sarkodie for a confidence-boosting performance on “We Made It.” Nigerian Afrobeat singer Mayorkun contributes a stellar chorus on “Balenciaga.”

Despite the celebratory themes throughout “Planning and Plotting,” MDK remains grounded. He addresses questions about whether he’ll slow down when the money gets too significant on the drill-inspired track “Cartel”: “when you lot sleep, I’m on the road.”

The tension between his journey and success is palpable on “Hope,” a hustler’s anthem that uplifts dreamers seeking to escape challenging circumstances.

“Provider,” is a Highlife-adjacent track that encourages enjoying life as it comes and taking on responsibilities.

Album Summary and Overall Rating

Album Summary and Overall Rating

MDK is not known for producing subpar projects, and “Planning and Plotting” is no exception. We wholeheartedly recommend it to our readers.

However, “Planning and Plotting” is the rapper’s most Hip-Hop-oriented album to date. Stylistically, the project leans more towards the Nigerian soundscape than Ghanaian, evidenced by the frequent use of Nigerian slang like “Gege” (popularized by Davido), “Opor,” and many others.

This “Planning and Plotting” album is a classic and the universal linguistic appeal that every great piece of music possesses offsets any criticism regarding its lack of local language inclusiveness.