EL 'The Teacher' EP Review 2023: A Devastating Departure from Rap Mastery?EL 'The Teacher' EP Review 2023: A Devastating Departure from Rap Mastery?

EL ‘The Teacher’ EP has the rapper, producer, legend, and the BAR General of Ghanaian hip-hop E.L. returning with a new project. Released on September 8, the project showcases E.L.’s commitment to being active and prolific in the game after releasing over 13 musical projects.

EL 'The Teacher' EP Review 2023: A Devastating Departure from Rap Mastery?

Unlike his other works, “The Teacher” EP presents the rapper’s deep understanding of the rich cultural heritage of his people as manifested in his experimentation with the Azonto genre.

The project might be concise as it runs for a limited time of 21 minutes and 53 seconds. Length does not depict quality in Hip-Hop, and it would be wrong to conclude that EL ‘The Teacher’ EP is an average compilation without delving deeper into it.

Another reason an average music lover might quickly dismiss its artistic merit is the simplicity of the EP’s album cover. However, let’s examine the album cover of EL ‘The Teacher’ EP.

EL ‘The Teacher’ EP Cover

EL 'The Teacher' EP Cover

From all indications, E.L pays more attention to what he allows you to hear than what he allows you to see. From his videos to his project’s album covers, one can notice a deliberate recurrence of poor and less aesthetic visuals.

The album cover has little or no musical significance as it contains only various images of the rapper, each facing different directions. The album cover might be basic, but the songs represent Hip-Hop in its purest form.

Track Analysis

Track Analysis

The EP sees E.L tap into his roots with seven Azonto-inspired tracks. In the first track, “Intro,” E.L takes his fans through his music-making process, amping up excitement for the rest of the album.

The “Intro” combines sound, rap, and voiceover. The lines and voiceover serve as instructions and a guide from a teacher on how the main lecture (other tracks on the album) will look or sound.

The “Intro” leads to “Soba.” In this track, the rapper transitions to the euphoric anthem, a cross-genre song blends Azonto and hip-hop seamlessly.

“Soba” was initially released as a single; it announced the imminent arrival of the EP for days and attracted the curiosity of fans within and outside the continent before “The Teacher” was finally released.

The third track, “Who Say,” is a self-written blend of the popular Azonto genre with a pinch of Amapiano.

During a magical encounter amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the Aburi Mountains, E.L created “Who Say.”

“Who Say” showcases the resultant effect of excessive possession of money, especially when the owner is young. The rich youth imagines and demonstrates many odds, such as the rapper’s comparison of himself with Obama.

For “Eshocki,” E.L got inspired by mimosas at the poolside on a hot afternoon in Virginia. With hard-hitting African drums fused with Azonto guitar hop and a bouncy baseline, the lyrics tell a hilarious story.

Still maintaining the Azonto momentum, E.L teams up with the Dope Nation artists on “Korle Bu.” Sharing an insight into the making of the song, E.L said, “I recorded Korle Bu remotely, as I was not in the country. I sent the verse to the boys, and they made history.”

The song samples Mr Eazi’s “Sample You” featuring Lil Kesh, in content, lines, and beat. This is one of the project’s most endowed tracks, as it saw the rapper switching flows every two bars.

In the middle of the EP, E.L breaks away from the Azonto sound with “Chop Life,” a single he had earlier released this year. One would never have believed “Chop Life” would be part of this project until the last day.

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As a prelude to the album, “Chop Life” is a party hip-hop sound with elements of alternative hip-hop, UK grime, and pop rap.

“The Teacher” EP ends with “Yalé,” a track that skillfully blends the street flavor of “Jama” music with the rhythmic tinge of Azonto.

“Yalé” captures the essence of E.L’s high school days at Presec, where the “Jama” sound influenced his musical journey.

“The Teacher” EP showcases E.L.’s dedication to constantly improving while serving exciting music. It depicts the rapper’s expertise in fusing Azonto with other genres, displaying his versatility as an artist.

EL ‘The Teacher’ EP Summary and Rating

EL 'The Teacher' EP Summary and Rating

EL ‘The Teacher’ EP is not purely a rap project but a melodious blend of the popular Azonto vibes of the ancient Gold Coast and African Hip-Hop.

This is a project by an OG who has been out of the scene for almost two years, and as lovers of Hip-Hop, we expected much from E.L, yet we didn’t get the lyrical magic we know the rapper for.

“The Teacher” is not a hardcore rap project, but that shouldn’t prevent it from having a good story-telling formation, and we take that to be a demerit.

No art is inferior, but if the management had given room for a second thought, they would have seen the need to re-edit the project before releasing it. EL ‘The Teacher’ EP has scored 5/10 in our rating.