Shallipopi “Planet Pluto'' EP reviewShallipopi “Planet Pluto'' EP review

Nigerian music sensation Shallipopi has unveiled his debut EP, “Planet Pluto,” solidifying his position as an unstoppable force in the industry. This six-track masterpiece showcases Shallipopi’s extraordinary talent and introduces listeners to his unique sonic universe.

Shallipopi “Planet Pluto” EP Review: A Sonic Journey Redefining Nigerian Music

Shallipopi, once sneered at by listeners, now commands attention. The Benin-born artist leveraged viral moments, showcasing musical talent amidst fraud allegations. His song “Elon Musk” captivated with a mischievous groove and references to digital trade, especially Bitcoin.

This alignment with generational subjects endeared him to young Nigerians, shedding light on Shallipopi and the world that shaped him.

Notable lyrics from “Elon Musk” included “Pluto ways no dey show for map,” reflecting Shallipopi’s unpredictable nature. Following his release from EFCC custody, he swiftly dropped “Ex-Conflict,” a victorious and revealing track. The culture embraced him, propelling him to social media fame, Apple Music’s top spot, and a Wizkid co-sign.

Shallipopi unveiled his debut project, ‘Planet Pluto.’ The six-track EP showcases his deliberate creativity, featuring Fireboy DML and Zlatan. The solo path he treads aligns his music closely with his distinct experiences. Here’s an in-depth review of the Ep.

Planet Pluto Cover Art Analysis

Cover Art Analysis  of Shallipopi “Planet Pluto''

Shallipopi, a true embodiment of unmatchable style, stands solitary in the hazy ambiance of a secluded space. Like a pensive soul lost in profound contemplation, he turns his back to the camera, casting a mysterious allure. A symphony of thick smoke dances through the air, gracefully escaping his lips like ethereal whispers.

The very room itself seems to bear witness to his journey, reminiscent of the confining walls that once held him captive before the triumphant release of his EP. Fortuitously, the presence of Evian permeates the atmosphere, infusing a sense of renewed vitality.

Planet Pluto Tracks and Features

Tracks and Features of Shallipopi “Planet Pluto”

“OBAPLUTO” begins with signature log drums, evoking a mystique reminiscent of Benin’s ancient sounds. Shallipopi’s audibly indebted to the hypeman culture, leaving a mark with the sample. The closing moments define him as the Oba—the King of the world of Pluto—a striking opener, setting the energetic tone.

“EX-CONVICT” highlights Shallipopi’s “Yahoopiano” music, made for dancefloors where morality blurs into hedonism. The references may fly over some heads, but the flow resembles Zlatan’s brazen style. It connects to the post-2020 Nigerian nightclub culture shift, where fighting against culture is futile.

“PEEDOMETER” demonstrates Shallipopi’s strengths, as he focuses on creating music truthfully. The chorus exudes personality, while the encouraging line “Who fall go rise again on a speedometer” resonates, despite Nigeria’s declining state. The poignant closing flute adds a lively touch.

Have You Seen These?

“MELANIN TOUCH” explores love through Shallipopi’s direct, brazen imagery. The mellow drums resemble CKay’s production, with serene notes creating a lustful story. His vocals shine, even though the song posed challenges. It reflects his fully formed ideas.

“AHEAD AHEAD” deviates from log drums, incorporating brooding synths and percussions. The Nigerian-adapted ‘Piano genre exhibits subtle variations. The delivery seems lackluster initially, but the second verse bursts with infectious braggadocio, solidifying his presence in the industry.

“ELON MUSK (REMIX)” [FT. ZLATAN & FIREBOY DML] concludes the EP, symbolizing Shallipopi’s full-circle moment. The feature verses don’t stand out, but as an EP closer, it’s fitting.

Planet Pluto EP Overview

EP Overview of Shallipopi “Planet Pluto

In releasing ‘Planet Pluto’ soon after his breakout, Shallipopi made the right move, understanding his market. The project exudes spontaneity and sheds light on culturally penetrating activities in Nigeria. Just as everyone seeks to maximize gains through digital platforms, Shallipopi positions himself at the forefront, orchestrating a solid opening move for his career.

Planet Pluto Tracklist

2Ex ConvictShallipopi3:22
4Melanin TouchShallipopi2:41
5Ahead AheadShallipopi3:32
6Elon MuskShallipopi, Fireboy DML & Zlatan3:24