"Sunday in Lagos" A Glowing Review of Limoblaze's 2022 EP in 2023"Sunday in Lagos" A Glowing Review of Limoblaze's 2022 EP in 2023

Limoblaze’s “Sunday in Lagos,” released in 2022, was a sensational hit, blending Afrobeats, Afro gospel, and hip-hop to create an album that resonated with many, particularly youths
seeking gospel music with vibes.

Here’s an unbiased track-by-track review of “Sunday in Lagos.” We’ll begin with a brief introduction, delve into its significance, analyze the cover art, and share our thoughts on the album.

Sunday in Lagos 2023

“Sunday in Lagos” EP Review in 2023

"Sunday in Lagos" Ep Review in 2023

“Sunday in Lagos” falls into the Afro-gospel genre, seamlessly blending hip-hop and Afrobeats. The harmonious melodies crafted by this trio are a treat for the ears, with each track delivering a distinct message.

Why “Sunday in Lagos” as the album title? Contrary to expectations, it’s not about the commercial side or Sunday events in Lagos but inspired by Limoblaze’s two-hour traffic ordeal in Lagos, turning a 35-minute journey into an odyssey.

Facts about Limoblaze’s “Sunday in Lagos”

Artist: Samuel Onwubiko
● Stage name: Limoblaze
● Featured artists: Lecrae, Happi, Banky W, Ada Ehi, 1KPhew, Emandiong, Dena Mwana.
● Producers: Ace Harris, Caleb Bryant, Carvello, DJ Tag, Dunnie, Happi, Hillsplay, Itsnyceman, KDaGreat, Tbabz, Tronome.
● Writers: Limoblaze, Lecrae, Happi, Banky W, Ada Ehi, 1KPhew, Emandiong, Dena Mwana, Carvello, Chandler Moore, Ace Harris, Chris Brown (Elevation), DJ Tag, Dunnie, Femi Leye, Hillsplay, Karen Anyanwu, Itsnyceman, KDa Great, Lola Adekoya, Oluwatoyin Oladehinde, Naomi Raine, Rehmahz, Steven Furtick, Tbabz, Tronome.
● Record Label: Reach Records
● Genre: Afro-Gospel
● Release Date: October 28, 2022
● Album Length: 19:49
● Region: NGA (Nigeria)
● Tracks: 7

“Sunday in Lagos” EP Art Cover Analysis

"Sunday in Lagos" EP Art Cover Analysis

The EP cover art is eye-catching and colorful, portraying the activities of Christians on Sundays in Lagos – church worship, choir renditions, post-service photos, and the inevitable traffic with diverse evangelism and food vendors. It reflects the challenges faced by Lagos Christians attending church, sometimes discouraging attendance.

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Track-by-Track Analysis

Track-by-Track Analysis

Limoblaze, a remarkable gospel artist with a rich discography, presents his biggest hit with “Sunday in Lagos.” The album is a masterpiece with powerful tracks conveying messages of peace, security, love, and God’s everlasting love.

“Pull Up” opens with compelling instrumentals, showcasing Limoblaze’s unwavering faith in God’s protection against adversaries.

“Desire” featuring Emandiong is a thankful message to the Creator with engaging beats and intermittent breaks.

“Jireh” is the chart-topping single, blending Afrobeat vibes with a message of God as a provider and companion. Lecrae’s rap elevates the song.

“Hosanna” praises the Most High, emphasizing God’s love even when faith falters. “I Believe” testifies to God’s faithfulness, with moving vocals and instrumentals.

“Gold” featuring a unique vocal style celebrates God’s steady presence in the lives of believers, starting with serene sounds.

“Company” transitions from a slow start to Afro Beats, affirming God’s unwavering love. Dena Mwana’s vocals add depth.

Album Summary and Rating in 2023

Album Summary and Rating in 2023

In summary, “Sunday in Lagos” is a remarkable Afro-Gospel work, solidifying Limoblaze’s place in the genre. While older Christians may struggle with its hip-hop and Afrobeats elements, open-minded listeners will find it captivating, inspiring, and motivational.

It may not be on your list of songs to score for Sunday service, but Afro-gospel appeals to a certain age demographic that would appreciate Limoblaze’s effort.

Artists like Limoblaze are revitalizing Afro Gospel, reshaping perceptions, and attracting more
youth to Christianity.