Korede Bello-Beauty & Bliss EP ReviewKorede Bello-Beauty & Bliss EP Review

Korede Bello’s Beauty & Bliss EP thematically embodies a lyrical expression of a man’s unwavering love during his prime for his ideal woman, as well as his uncompromising readiness to stand with her until the end, against all odds.

Korede Bello-Beauty & Bliss EP Review

Just a few days shy of the ’ember months’ (the final four months of the year in the Gregorian Calendar, often celebrated as the months of love), award-winning singer Korede Bello released an eight-track project brimming with love. The Beauty & Bliss EP is his most recent work since his 2020 “Table for Two” EP.

The Beauty & Bliss EP doesn’t solely focus on a man’s admiration and love for his ideal lady; it also delves into other subjects. The last three songs in the EP have a semantic import entirely different from the apparent theme of love, which is the project’s central focus.

In subsequent paragraphs, we will delve into these three tracks. However, before that, let’s explore the Beauty & Bliss EP’s cover art and establish its connection with the messages embedded in the songs.

Beauty & Bliss EP’s Cover Art Analysis

Beauty & Bliss EP's Cover Art

For symbolists, there is always an underlying connection between a work and its cover. Take, for instance, Ruger’s one-eye sunshade worn on an Atlas, a cover art that arguably represents the dominance of the Jonzing World’s singer in the world music scene.

Or consider Vector tha Viper’s image in white garments on a spotless horse, the cover art of his “TESLIM” album, which arguably symbolizes the rapper’s claim to Nigerian Hip-Hop Messiahship, reminiscent of Christ riding a white horse to Jerusalem.

In Korede’s Beauty & Bliss EP, significant symbolism is embedded in the cover art. What could this enigmatic artwork mean? It depicts a painted gateway flung open to allow the evening moon to shine brightly on a garden of multi-colored flowers with white butterflies hovering in the air.

Here, the moon symbolizes nature and, by extension, God’s image as a light source. The birds and the flowers represent humanity, while the opened gate signifies the man’s heart looking up to the sky for light and direction on his journey of love.

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Beauty & Bliss EP Track by Track Analysis

Beauty & Bliss EP Track by Track Analysis

Although the first six tracks on the Beauty & Bliss EP depict the singer’s love for his lady persona, each approaches this theme differently. Here is what each track entails:

Track 1: “Yoga” depicts the imaginary girl’s influence on the singer. According to the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, Yoga is a system of exercises for stretching one’s body. In the song, the singer pleads for the girl to engage in Yoga, which delights him whenever he sees her doing it.

Track 2: “Waiting.” This track carries a similar message to the first track. It differs slightly from the first because of its inclusion of sexual activity, as represented by phrases like “swimming in your ocean flow.”

The song presents the singer as entrapped by the girl’s beauty up to where he would not mind pronouncing the world empty without her. Does the girl merit such an exceptional allocation of over 70% of an entire musical project?

If yes, why is she anonymous when we all know that men always want the world to know the name of the girl whose beauty brings them bliss? Korede finally reveals the girl’s name in the third track. What is her name? Joana or Maria? Maybe both.

Beauty & Bliss EP Track by Track Analysis

Track 3: “Full Time.” The song says, “Joana…, nobody does it like you.” This track carries the full weight of the singer’s love for this lady. The hook, “I will be here for a long time,” explains the singer’s promise to make his love for the girl last until the end of time.

This track is like a vessel of promises, including his plan to make the girl his wife, not just because he loves her, but because she was meant for him, a theme expressed in the 4th track.

Track 4: “For Me.” This is my favorite track on the EP. The song features the King of Queens herself, Yemi Alade. This song has a catchy hook delivered by Korede and is the shortest but arguably the sweetest on the EP.

The singers believe with conviction that their partners were predestined to be with them, and the song revolves around this belief. Conversely, the singers resolve to dismiss every distraction that could jeopardize their relationships. This is a perfect love song, a pledge to stand by one’s lover against all odds.

Track 5: “Maria.” If the album has anything to do with the singer’s real life, then Maria and Joana might be the same person. If the previous paragraph represents reality, then the girl immortalized in this EP is “Maria,” but why didn’t Korede title the EP “Maria”? Maybe it’s because of the sixth track, which introduces a new and different thematic concern into the love project.

Track 6: “Jejely.” This track ushers in a new thematic concern, different from the prevalent subject. The track features Mr. Eazi, and truly, the song suggests that one should take life easy (hustle and find contentment) since life is temporary. This subject couldn’t be exhausted in one track, and that’s why the 7th track continues with a part of the same concern.

Track 7: “Way Life Goes.” This track recounts the singer’s ordeals, struggles, challenges, and triumphs. This is the deepest and most philosophical track on the EP.

The beauty of this track lies in its attempt to instruct humans on the essence of discernment in one’s relationships with others and caution in one’s dealings in life. While we apply caution, we should not fail to understand that no one is complete without God, and that’s why the singer dedicates the last track to God.

Track 8: “Complete” is dedicated to God, the only one who makes the singer and every being complete. The singer goes religious or perhaps takes the journey to the Church with the notion that if one cannot begin with praises to God, one should at least end with praises.

Overall Analysis and Rating Score of Beauty & Bliss EP

Overall Analysis and Rating Score of Beauty & Bliss EP

This project meets the criteria set for an extended play project. It is one of the best projects to be released by an Afrobeat singer this year. Production-wise, the beats truly encapsulate the essence of love songs.

The Beauty & Bliss EP does not clearly indicate the producers’ tags, perhaps industry heavyweights actively took part in the production process of the project. On a scale 10, giving this project an 8 is not an exaggerated score. What’s your opinion? Let’s hear your views!