"Sincerely Benson"- Bnxn: Daniel Benson's Letter of Emotions to the World in 2023"Sincerely Benson"- Bnxn: Daniel Benson's Letter of Emotions to the World in 2023

“Sincerely Benson” is Bnxn’s lyrical invitation that extends to his fans, soliciting their company in the next phase of the singer’s musical journey. Presenting a series of unvarnished realizations through elegant songwriting, this debut album offers us access to his innermost thoughts and feelings.

"Sincerely Benson"- Bnxn: Daniel Benson's Letter of Emotions to the World in 2023

“Sincerely Benson” shares a similar semantic import with his 2022 EP, “Bad Since ’97,” as the two provide fans with a vivid insight into the singer’s life. It is more of a lyrical tour revealing the singer’s life, experiences, encounters, and challenges from the early days of his existence on Earth.

Highly inspired by the singer’s interaction with his environment, fame, spirituality, and romance, “Sincerely, Benson” relays the result of Bnxn’s soul-searching, featuring shades of Amapiano, Gospel, Dancehall, and Indie mixed with his trademark Afro-fusion.

The album comprises songs for solemnity, reflection, heartbreak, and acceptance. The album cover is highly enigmatic yet provides plenty of pointers that can assist one in appreciating the album even better. We discussed further the album cover of “Sincerely Benson” on a broader scale below.

“Sincerely Benson” Cover Art Analysis

"Sincerely Benson" Cover Art Analysis

An album cover bridges the auditory and visual aspects of a musical album, providing a visual context for the listener. An Album art contributes to a music album’s aesthetic package and marketing value.

“Sincerely Benson” cover art does not enhance listeners’ experiences because of its enigmatic style. However, the art cover presents us with a molded image of the singer surrounded by different bouquets of flowers and flying papers.

The bouquets of flowers represent love, while the flying papers are the writing materials through which the singer pens down his life experiences, emotions, heartbreak, rejection, etc.

Remember, the album is a musical epistle from the singer to the world, providing them with insights into his life. The flying papers are the writing materials through which these letters are written.

“Sincerely Benson” Track List and Collaborations

"Sincerely Benson" Track List and Collaborations

“Sincerely Benson” is a 15-track album with collaborations from both national and international artists. From the international scene, Bnxn features Popcaan, Taves, and Headie One.

At the national level, legendary 2baba, Flyboi Kizz Daniel, and Oluwa Seyi Vibez make up the list of the album’s featured artists. The 15 tracks of the album are:

  1. My Life
  2. Best of Me
  3. Maximum Damage (feat. Headie One)
  4. Mukulu
  5. GWAGWALADA (Feat. Kizz Daniel & Seyi Vibez)
  6. Pidgin & English
  7. Sweet Tea (Aduke)
  8. Realize (feat. Taves)
  9. Party Don’t Stop
  10. Right Energy
  11. PRAY
  12. Say My Name
  13. Toxic
  14. Regret (feat. 2Baba)
  15. Final Answer (feat. Popcaan)

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Sincerely Benson> Track-by-Track Analysis

Track-by-Track Analysis

The album begins with a track about Bnxn’s life, titled “My Life.” The singer personalizes the song as he tells fans about his humble beginnings as Daniel, a struggling young lad in the city of Lagos, not as Bnxn, an award-winning Afrobeats singer with an avalanche of loyal fans.

The song presents his trying days when nobody knew him and nobody wanted to identify with him, his current status as a celebrity, and a man loved by almost everybody, as well as the unnecessary familiarity that fans would want him to establish with them.

“My Life” is not just about Bnxn but every artist who is successful. From “My Life,” we get “Maximum Damage,” a lyrical prayer and prophecy foreseeing the coming of a more successful musical career.

The track sees the singer telling God that everything great in the world is his and that they are coming his way soon. The line “if they can’t have it, you can’t have it” explains how it is hard to make it as an artist who hails from Bnxn’s hometown or place of early residence.

He made it, and an instance of his success was first manifested in his winning of the 15th Edition of Headies Next Rated Award. To celebrate this success, the track “Mukulu,” which means “have fun,” “enjoy yourself,” or “get loose,” is presented to the fans as the fourth track off the album.

“GWAGWALADA” features Kizz Daniel and Seyi Vibes. The track is a musical tribute or dedication to GWAGWALADA, a city in Abuja, Nigeria.

Tracks like “Pidgin & English,” “Sweet Tea (Aduke),” “Realize (feat. Taves),” “Party Don’t Stop,” “Right Energy,” “PRAY,” “Say My Name,” “Toxic,” and “Regret (feat. 2Baba)” give listeners more insight into the singer’s life until the final part of the song where he drops the “Final Answer.”

“Final Answer” features Popcaan. The song reinforces Bnxn’s statement at the beginning of his career—a statement and hopes that he will live his time and make a mark that will cause the world to appreciate his art and have confidence because he is “Sincerely Benson”, and he is one of a kind.

Album Summary and Rating

Album Summary and Rating

Production-wise, Bnxn had a good number of producers working on the tracks. Notable among the producers on the album are Denzl, Jae5, Leandro Dro Hidalgo, Guilty Beats, BlaiseBeatz, Tempo, Leriq, ATG, SAK PASE, Kheil Stone Harrison, Sarz, and Davinchii.

Lyrically, the album enjoys impressive penmanship and lyrical dexterity infused with storytelling. On a scale of 10, we have boldly given “Sincerely Benson” an 8.