Wande-Coal-Legend-Or-No-Legend-Full-Album review

Wande Coal, an influential figure in the Nigerian music industry, has released his highly anticipated fourth project, “Legend or No Legend.” The album’s title sparks curiosity as it directly addresses the ongoing debate surrounding his status in the industry.

"Legend or No Legend": Wande Coal's Artistic Journey and Musical Legacy Explored in Fourth Album

Wande Coal rose to prominence with his debut album, “Mushin 2 Mo’hit,” released in 2009. This groundbreaking project introduced a unique sound blended Nigerian cadences with Western pop elements, revolutionizing the industry.

Wande Coal’s ability to effortlessly mold melody, his versatility, and his distinctive vocals set him apart from his contemporaries, leaving an indelible mark on Nigerian music. Despite not replicating the quality of his debut in subsequent projects, his influence remains palpable and enduring.

Following the success of “Mushin 2 Mo’hit,” Wande Coal encountered challenges that hindered his dominance in the industry. His sophomore album, “Wanted,” released seven years after his debut, failed to achieve the critical acclaim needed to solidify his position.

One contributing factor was the substantial gap between the two albums, which impacted the reception of “Wanted.” Although producing timeless hits, Wande Coal’s relaxed approach to music gradually became repetitive as the soundscape evolved.

Review of Wande Coal’s Previous Projects

Review of Wande Coal's Previous Projects

In recent years, Wande Coal has released projects such as the “Realms” EP, which showcased his reluctance to venture beyond his comfort zone. Although tracks like “Iskaba,” “My Woman” featuring Patoranking, “Somiso,” and “Come My Way” enjoyed success individually, Wande Coal struggled to consolidate these moments into a compelling project.

This led to questions about his ability to deliver a cohesive body of work that could match the impact of his debut album. With “Legend or No Legend,” Wande Coal aims to address the doubts and reaffirm his status as a legend in the music industry.

The album’s title suggests a willingness to confront the ongoing debate and present his case through the music. Fans and critics eagerly awaited this release, hoping to witness a resurgence and a return to form for Wande Coal.

Legend or No Legend; Track Analysis

Track Analysis of legend or no legend

“Nobody Holy”: Legend or No Legend album begins with this introspective track, where Wande Coal reflects on his journey and acknowledges his imperfections. The catchy chorus and the blend of afrobeats and highlife elements create an engaging listening experience.

“Come My Way”: This previously released single showcases Wande Coal’s ability to create infectious melodies. The song’s upbeat tempo and catchy hooks make it a potential hit.

Square Meal”: Featuring a collaboration with an emerging artist, this track delves into the realities of life and the struggle for survival. Wande Coal’s vocals shine, and the production creates a captivating backdrop.

“E Choke”: A potential anthem for the clubs, “E Choke” is a high-energy track encouraging listeners to let loose and enjoy themselves. Wande Coal’s delivery is charismatic and exudes confidence.

“Let Them Know”: This mid-tempo afrobeats track displays Wande Coal’s versatility as he transitions between singing and rapping effortlessly. The lyrics carry a message of self-assurance and success.

“Streets” (feat. T-Pain): An exciting collaboration with American artist T-Pain, “Streets” combines afrobeats and trap influences. The blend of Wande Coal’s smooth vocals and T-Pain’s signature auto-tune creates a captivating synergy.

“Kpe Paso” (feat. Olamide): This track brings together two Nigerian heavyweights, Wande Coal and Olamide, for a high-energy collaboration. The song’s catchy hook and energetic production make it a standout.

“Ebelebe” (feat. Wizkid): Wande Coal teams up with fellow Nigerian superstar Wizkid for this mid-tempo afrobeats track. The chemistry between the two artists is evident, and their harmonies create a captivating blend.

“Genesis”: This reflective track takes listeners back to the beginnings of Wande Coal’s career and serves as a reminder of his impact on the industry. The stripped-down production allows his vocals to shine.

“Jabo” (feat. Fireboy): Another notable collaboration, “Jabo” brings together Wande Coal and rising star Fireboy. The song combines afrobeats and R&B elements, and the vocal chemistry between the two artists is palpable.

“Sho Ma Gba”: With its catchy chorus and infectious rhythm, “Sho Ma Gba” is a potential fan favorite. Wande Coal’s delivery is confident and captivating, making it a standout track.

“I Don’t Feel Love”: The album closes with this introspective and emotional track. Wande Coal’s vulnerable lyrics and soulful vocals create a poignant conclusion to the Legend or No Legend project.


Legend or No Legend; Album Overview

Album Overview of legend or no legend

“Legend or No Legend” showcases Wande Coal’s artistry and reminds listeners of his contributions to the Nigerian music industry. The album successfully combines afrobeats, highlife, and contemporary influences, displaying Wande Coal’s versatility as an artist.

While some tracks stand out more than others, the project delivers an enjoyable listening experience. It is a commendable effort from Wande Coal and is a testament to his status as a respected figure in Nigerian music.

The album’s collaborations with artists such as T-Pain, Olamide, Wizkid, and Fireboy garnered attention and added to the project’s appeal. These partnerships showcased Wande Coal’s ability to collaborate effectively with established and emerging talents, further solidifying his position in the industry.

Influence and Legacy

Influence and Legacy of wande coal

“Legend or No Legend” reaffirmed Wande Coal’s influence and legacy within the Nigerian music scene. As the pioneer of the afrobeats genre, he has consistently delivered hit songs and contributed to the industry’s growth. This album showcases his ability to evolve while maintaining his artistic integrity.

The success of “Legend or No Legend” will certainly inspire a new wave of artists, who are looking up to Wande Coal as a role model. His longevity in the music industry and his ability to remain relevant have inspired aspiring musicians and proved that hard work, talent, and consistency are crucial to success.

The album will also open doors for Wande Coal to explore international collaborations and expand his fanbase globally. It will solidify his position as a respected artist not just in Nigeria but also on the international stage.


Legend or No Legend

“Legend or No Legend” marked a significant moment in Wande Coal’s career. The album showcased his growth as an artist, highlighted his versatility, and reminded the world of his immense talent. With its catchy tracks, notable collaborations, and reflective moments, the project solidified Wande Coal’s status as a legend in the Nigerian music industry.

As fans eagerly anticipate his next move, “Legend or No Legend” remains a testament to Wande Coal’s impact and serves as a testament to his enduring artistry. It will continue to be celebrated as a milestone in his discography and a reflection of his musical legacy for years to come.

Based on the breakdown of the album and the overall experience it offers, the Melodycenta team would give “Legend or No Legend” a rating of 7.5 out of 10.