Album review of Shubh's "Still Rollin"Album review of Shubh's "Still Rollin"

Shubhneet Singh has swiftly ascended as a rising luminary in Punjabi music with the album “Still Rollin.” Originating from India, he enchants audiences with his extraordinary talent and a string of chart-topping singles.

Still Rollin album review

Shubh’s journey took flight in 2021 with his breakthrough track “We Rollin,” propelling him into the spotlight. The song not only made waves within the Punjabi music industry but also found success on prestigious charts like the UK Asian and UK Punjabi charts and the Official New Zealand Chart.

Building on the momentum, Shubh continued to impress with subsequent releases. “We Rollin,” his breakthrough single, marked a turning point in his career, opening doors to new opportunities. Following its success, he delighted fans with tracks like “Elevated” and “Offshore,” showcasing his versatility and musical prowess.

In 2022, Shubh embarked on a journey of musical exploration, releasing three impactful singles: “No Love,” “Baller,” and “Her.” His collaboration with music producer Ikky on “Baller” became a milestone in Shubh’s career, quickly becoming his most streamed track.

Shubh’s music has reached remarkable heights, transcending borders and landing a coveted spot on the Billboard Canadian Hot 100. This achievement serves as evidence of the widespread appeal of his music. Shubh has enamored Punjabi communities worldwide, boasting a devoted and varied fan base spanning Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia.

His unique style and captivating melodies have struck a chord with listeners globally, positioning him as a prominent figure in the Punjabi music scene.

Album Cover Review: Shubh’s “Still Rollin”

Album Cover Review: Shubh's "Still Rollin"

Shubh’s strong presence is undeniable as he gazes directly into the viewer’s eyes, exuding determination and self-assurance. His poised posture and confident expression reflect his readiness to conquer the music industry. The vibrant color scheme, notably the captivating fusion of red, black, and white, enhances the visual impact of the album cover, commanding attention with its captivating design.

The graffiti elements that adorn the wall behind Shubh further enhance the urban vibe of the album. The intricate artwork showcases symbols, tags, and illustrations that add depth and layers to the visual narrative. These elements reflect the artist’s environment and the cultural influences that shape his music.

Overall, the album cover of “Still Rollin” effectively captures the essence of Shubh’s artistic persona. It sets the stage for the music within, inviting listeners into a world where raw talent intertwines with contemporary urban culture. The cover’s bold aesthetics and captivating imagery make it an engaging visual representation of the album, igniting curiosity and generating anticipation for the upcoming musical journey.

Track by Track Analysis

Track by Track Analysis of Shubh's "Still Rollin"

The album starts with the title track, “Still Rollin,” a sequel to Shubh’s debut single, “We Rollin.” With renewed energy and confidence, Shubh makes a triumphant comeback through this high-octane track.

“Still Rollin” encapsulates his gangster lifestyle, showcasing cars, guns, and the camaraderie of his crew, all to win the affection of his love interest. The song’s infectious hook and impressive rhymes establish the album’s tone and make it a standout moment.

“Ice,” produced by Lavish Dhiman, follows suit as another braggadocios trap banger. This track and the rest of the album show Shubh’s ability to create catchy hooks and captivating compositions. With its heavy use of 808s, “Ice” represents the epitome of car music and keeps the energy flowing.

While tracks like “Cheques” and “OG” adhere to the same songwriting and structural patterns as the previous tracks, their repetitiveness diminishes their impact on the album. Although these songs could have worked well as standalone singles, they cannot maintain the album’s momentum.

However, as the project feels monotonous, Shubh and Karan Kanchan switch things up with “Ruthless.” This track showcases Shubh at his lyrical peak, delivering memorable lines over a ruthless beat that complements his commanding delivery and flow.

Unfortunately, the promising performance of “Ruthless” is followed by uninspired filler tracks like “Dior” and “The Flow,” which conclude the album on a disappointing note. Despite Shubh’s fresh melodies and compositions, which set him apart from other Punjabi pop-rap artists, most of the tracks feel like futile attempts to recreate the magic of his early singles.

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Album Overview

Album Overview of Shubh's "Still Rollin"

“Still Rollin” puts a dent in Shubh’s otherwise spotless run of singles as he struggles to find his footing as an album creator. Even with a runtime of just 21 minutes, the album has its fair share of cracks and inadequacies. It feels more like a collection of formulaic singles rather than a cohesive project. While it showcases Shubh’s undeniable talent, there is room for growth to craft a more cohesive and captivating body of work.

In conclusion, “Still Rollin” serves as Shubh’s foray into the album landscape. Although displaying moments of brilliance, the album falls slightly short of maintaining consistent quality throughout. However, with time and experience, Shubh possesses the potential to refine his artistry and present a more cohesive and impactful album in the future.

Album review of Shubh's "Still Rollin"

Based on the breakdown of the album and the overall experience it offers, the Melodycenta team would give it a review score of 6.5 out of 10. The album had moments of brilliance, particularly the standout tracks like “Still Rollin” and “Ruthless,” which showcase Shubh’s talent and energy. However, the album’s lack of cohesion and filler tracks diminish the overall impact.