Review of Miley Cyrus' "Endless Summer Vacation"Review of Miley Cyrus' "Endless Summer Vacation"

Endless Summer Vacation Album Review: We have always known Miley Cyrus for her evolving persona and musical maturity. Still, with her eighth album, “Endless Summer Vacation,” she ventures into new emotional territory.

Miley Cyrus Embraces Cynical Vulnerability on "Endless Summer Vacation"

Departing from her guileless songwriting, Cyrus embraces a blunt cynicism tinged with the hues of a summer sunset and the mottled purple of a bruise. This change in tone can be attributed to her recent divorce and a lifetime of media scrutiny and distortion of her image.

Album Cover Analysis of Miley Cyrus’ “Endless Summer Vacation”

Album Cover Analysis of Miley Cyrus' "Endless Summer Vacation"

Miley Cyrus’ album cover for “Endless Summer Vacation” encapsulates the essence of the music within, creating a visual representation of the album’s themes and atmosphere. The cover art immediately grabs attention with its vibrant and captivating design.

The artwork features a dreamy, sun-drenched beach scene, evoking a sense of endless summer and carefree days. Soft, warm pink, orange, and purple hues paint the sky, enchantingly framing the focal point at its center.

The colors blend seamlessly, mimicking the hues of a picturesque sunset that melts into the horizon.
At the center of the cover stands Miley Cyrus, a figure of strength and vulnerability. Her confident stance radiates, her arms outstretched and her head held high. She exudes confidence, wholeheartedly embracing her path and its accompanying trials.

Cyrus is portrayed in a striking outfit combining glamour and casual elements. Her dress’s flowing, sheer fabric billows gently in the breeze while the intricate patterns and details add a touch of elegance. It perfectly represents the album’s duality, capturing both the polished and raw aspects of Cyrus’ artistry.

The typography on the album cover is sleek and modern yet maintains a sense of playfulness. The title, “Endless Summer Vacation,” is rendered in bold, whimsical lettering that reflects the album’s carefree and adventurous spirit. The choice of font adds an element of youthful energy to the overall composition.

Overall, the album cover for “Endless Summer Vacation” is a visual feast that perfectly complements the music. It encapsulates Miley Cyrus’ evolution, revealing her maturation, openness, and unwavering artistic essence. It’s an inviting and captivating image that entices listeners to embark on a musical journey through the sun-soaked landscapes of the album’s tracks.

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Track by Track Analysis

Track by Track Analysis of Miley Cyrus' "Endless Summer Vacation"

The album begins with a sardonic apology, “I apologize for your jadedness,” establishing a backdrop of introspection and self-contemplation. As the record progresses, Cyrus explores her callousness, her struggles with commitment, and the uncertainty of her emotional state.

Themes of regret and mourning permeate tracks like “Rose-Colored Lenses,” which delves into the fleeting nature of post-coital bliss. The gorgeous soul ballad “You,” juxtaposes devotional lyrics with a chorus that laments an inevitable breakup, capturing the tension in Cyrus’ ragged voice as she declares, “I am not made for no horsey and carriage, you know I’m savage.”

While “Endless Summer Vacation” falls short of achieving a “no skips” status, it contains moments of understated brilliance. The album’s early tracks, produced by Kid Harpoon and Tyler Johnson, showcase Cyrus’ restraint until the ill-fitting and dirge-like “Handstand” interrupts the flow.

The song’s heavy-handed boat metaphor and the introduction of a perplexing character called Big Twitchy seem like a regression into mindless excess.

Cyrus divides the album into “AM” and “PM” sections, with the nighttime songs taking a slight downturn in quality. “Wildcard” attempts to revisit the regretfulness of “You” but lacks the panache, while the collaboration with Sia on “Muddy Feet” delivers awkward, tough talk with vague specificity.

However, most of the album avoids fueling tabloid speculations about Cyrus’ personal life. The standout tracks on “Endless Summer Vacation” showcase Cyrus’ vocal versatility and ability to navigate different genres easily.

From the swirling breakup anthem “Jaded” to the thumping synth-pop of “River” and the galloping country-rock of “Wildcard,” Cyrus demonstrates the range of her powerful and rough-edged voice. The closing-time come-on of “Violet Chemistry” serves as a slick piece of ear candy reminiscent of Timbaland’s mid-2000s sound.

As always, Cyrus’s choice of collaborators is eclectic and impressive. The psych-country-pop cut “Thousand Miles” features the unexpected pairing of Brandi Carlile and Mike WiLL Made-It, resulting in a compelling track that captures Cyrus’ restlessness and the harmonious blend of their voices. Sia’s appearance on the spiteful “Muddy Feet” adds an extra layer of depth, even if her vocals mostly remain in the background.

Cyrus shines brightest on the album’s big ballads, using her voice to deliver powerful performances. “You” stands out as a potential signature track, an expression of love with a vocal performance that could bring down the house.

“Wonder Woman” tells the story of strength hiding the scars of hard-lived years, and it carries a semi-autobiographical quality for Cyrus, who has experienced much in her 30 years and excels at projecting resilience through vulnerability.

Album Overview

Album Overview of Miley Cyrus' "Endless Summer Vacation"

“Endless Summer Vacation” may not be the sun-drenched party record promised, but it explores the aftermath when the party ends. Miley Cyrus defies conventions and pushes her artistic limits, forging an album that mirrors her voyage and highlights her evolution as a visionary.

“Endless Summer Vacation” marks another chapter in Miley Cyrus’ career, where she fearlessly delves into different genres and showcases her artistic versatility. Cyrus showcases her vocal versatility throughout the album, effortlessly shifting from gritty and husky to irresistibly gentle and soothing, aligning with each track’s mood and message.

The album’s captivating essence lies in its collaborative spirit. Cyrus is known for bringing together diverse talents; “Endless Summer Vacation” is no exception. The unexpected pairing of Brandi Carlile and Mike WiLL Made-It on “Thousand Miles” creates a captivating fusion of psych-country-pop, with Cyrus’s restless energy intertwining harmoniously with the clamor surrounding their voices.

The track’s hiccupping harmonica outro further emphasizes the ongoing journey that Cyrus embarks on with her “beat-up old Mercedes.” We find another noteworthy collaboration on the hauntingly spiteful “Muddy Feet,” where Sia makes a powerful appearance.

While Sia’s vocals mostly remain in the background, the bright sing-song pre-chorus subtly signals her involvement, pointing to her distinct musical style. In her signature raspy bellow, Cyrus delivers a chorus that feels like a cathartic release, showcasing her ability to infuse emotional depth into her performances.

For big ballads, Cyrus truly shines. “You” is a potential career-defining track with heart-wrenching lyrics and powerhouse vocal delivery. It’s a song that will undoubtedly resonate with listeners and solidify its place as a standout moment in Cyrus’ discography.

Similarly, “Wonder Woman” is a poignant reflection on strength and resilience, inspired by the passing of Cyrus’ grandmother in 2020. The lyrics capture the essence of a woman who has faced adversity and lived multiple lives, touching upon Cyrus’ experiences.

Moments like these reveal the artist’s ability to channel vulnerability and turn it into empowering anthems.
“Endless Summer Vacation” offers a retrospective view of Miley Cyrus’ multifaceted career. As she breezes through genres, effortlessly shifting between styles and tones, Cyrus proves she is a seasoned musical tourist, unafraid to explore new territories.

While the album may not achieve a seamless listening experience from start to finish, its highlights are undeniable, showcasing Cyrus’ growth and maturity as an artist.

With “Endless Summer Vacation,” Miley Cyrus continues to defy expectations, pushing boundaries and fearlessly embracing her artistic evolution. This album is a testament to her strength, authenticity, and undeniable prowess, solidifying her position as a captivating force in modern pop.

As Cyrus embarks on a new career chapter, we eagerly anticipate the unfolding of her artistic voyage and the captivating sonic realms she will venture into. “Endless Summer Vacation” is an album that invites introspection and reflection.

It plunges into Miley Cyrus’ emotional realm, capturing regret, heartache, and self-revelation in profound moments. Cyrus’ personal experiences have shaped the album’s themes, including a recent divorce and a lifetime of media scrutiny.

Miley Cyrus' "Endless Summer Vacation"

The album’s production reflects a shift towards airy and unfussy pop-rock, with shades of pink and red reminiscent of a summer sunset.

This sonic backdrop provides a canvas for Cyrus to explore her emotions with a tinge of bruised vulnerability. The early tracks, produced by Kid Harpoon and Tyler Johnson, showcase a restraint and maturity rarely seen in Cyrus’ discography.

However, the album encounters a stumble with the perplexing and grooveless synth dirge “Handstand,” co-written by Harmony Korine. It feels like a momentary lapse where Cyrus succumbs to mindless excess, breaking the flow of the otherwise cohesive album.

Cyrus intentionally divides “Endless Summer Vacation” into “AM” and “PM” sections, and it’s in the nighttime songs where the album loses some of its shine. Tracks like “Wildcard” attempt to evoke a sense of damaged regret but fall short compared to earlier standout ballads like “You.”

The collaboration with Sia on “Muddy Feet” aims for tough talk but lands in an awkward space of vague yet specific descriptions. While not devoid of merit, these moments disrupt the album’s overall cohesiveness.
One notable aspect of “Endless Summer Vacation” is its ability to transcend the impulse to speculate on Cyrus’ personal life.

While some tracks might draw associations to tabloid narratives, the album transcends those interpretations. Instead, it allows Cyrus to display her artistry and delve into universal themes that listeners can relate to on their terms.

Amidst the album’s introspection and emotional exploration, there are still glimpses of Cyrus’ earlier optimistic and big-hearted spirit. The track “River” combines vamp and lascivious elements with a surprising twist of big-hearted optimism. Cyrus sings about the potential of a deep connection and the hope for a future with someone.

These moments serve as a reminder of the artist’s multifaceted nature, where vulnerability and resilience coexist.
In conclusion, “Endless Summer Vacation” marks an important chapter in Miley Cyrus’ career. It showcases her artistic growth in terms of musical exploration and emotional depth.

While not a perfect album, its highlights shine bright, displaying Cyrus’ maturity as a songwriter and her ability to captivate with her unique voice. As Cyrus evolves and reshapes her artistry, anticipation builds for the next chapter of her musical odyssey and the untold narratives she will unveil.

Based on the breakdown of the album and the overall experience it offers, the Melodycenta team would give it a rating of 7.8 out of 10.