Adekunle Gold's 'Tequila Ever After': A Musical Journey of Evolution and BrillianceAdekunle Gold's 'Tequila Ever After': A Musical Journey of Evolution and Brilliance

Adekunle Gold, the distinguished Nigerian Afrobeats singer and songwriter, has just unveiled his fifth studio album, “Tequila Ever After,” signifying a remarkable journey through his musical evolution. He has released four extraordinary albums since his auspicious debut with “Gold” in 2016.

Adekunle Gold's 'Tequila Ever After': A Musical Journey of Evolution and Brilliance in 2023

The genesis of this latest album, “Tequila Ever After,” traces back to a revelatory encounter with a bottle of Patrón Tequila. The experience inspired a lyrical creation, culminating in the conception of an entire era filled with sensations of tranquility, ease, and sunlit joy.

In a feat of artistic brilliance, the talented Nigerian maestro, Adekunle, now unveils a sweeping anthology of musical excellence–an 18-track full-length album.

This eagerly awaited sequel to his prior EP, “Tio Tequila,” intriguingly foreshadows the artistic opus that follows. Diligently striving to give his devotees a truly exceptional auditory experience, ‘Tequila Ever After’ stands as the pinnacle of his unyielding endeavors.

The illustrious roster of collaborative artists who have graced this project stirs excitement. Among them are legendary maestros Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers, famed Nigerian virtuoso ODUMODUBLVCK, and the immensely talented Simi, Adekunle’s cherished spouse.

Adekunle Gold's 'Tequila Ever After'

A mélange of genius musicians responsible for birthing an artistic masterpiece of mesmerizing allure, poised to captivate domestic and international audiences.

Adekunle’s determination to fashion an album deserving of universal acclaim is reflected in every resonating note and each soul-stirring verse, an effort bound to be appreciated by his fervent fanbase.

A confluence of breathtaking vocals, indelible harmonies, and poignant verse ensures this opus to be a musical phenomenon celebrated by connoisseurs of melody worldwide.

Album Cover Art Review of Adekunle Gold’s ‘Tequila Ever After’

Album Cover Art Review of Adekunle Gold's 'Tequila Ever After'

The album art of ‘Tequila Ever After’ gracefully portrays Adekunle Gold in a state of serenity amidst a lush expanse of verdant foliage and picturesque natural surroundings.

This defining moment marks Adekunle Gold’s transformation journey from a Superstar to a Rock star. It eloquently captures Adekunle Gold’s evolution as an artist, symbolizing his venture into a novel realm of musical expression.

The tranquil posture amidst the bountiful greenery and unspoiled landscape beautifully conveys his earnest aspiration to embrace an earthier and more authentic identity, leaving behind the glittering world of a Superstar to embrace the profound realm of a Rock star.

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Track by Track Analysis of Adekunle Gold’s ‘Tequila Ever After’

Track by Track Analysis of Adekunle Gold's 'Tequila Ever After'

The opening track of ‘Tequila Ever After’ enlists South Africa’s Ami Faku and the legendary Malian Guitarist, Habib Koite, to portray the singer as triumphant in life yet burdened by an unknown sadness.

Lines like “Something money cannot buy, true happiness no get price, one smoke I am alright” may be perceived as a cry for help, but the happy sonics emanating from the musical productions down to the trio’s delivery suggests that, despite life’s imperfections, it’s still acceptable to celebrate melancholy and other profound emotions.

‘Party No Dey Stop’ perfectly encapsulates the post-tequila thrill, and Adekunle Gold strikes gold with it with the help of street pop artist Zinoleesky.

Track by Track Analysis of Adekunle Gold's 'Tequila Ever After'

Seyifunmi Bakare Michael, known as Seyikeyz or Seyifunmi, plays a pivotal role in some of AG’s hits and contributes to Tequila Ever After. His piano skills come to play on songs such as ‘Soro,’ ‘Tio Baby,’ ‘Sisi Ganja,’ ‘Look What You Made (With Sinmi),’ ‘Me Do,’ and ‘To My Own.’

Nigerian music producer Kel-P, the equivalent of Mike Dean for AG, worked on nine songs on the ‘Tequila Ever After’ album, including the smash hit ‘Party Don’t Stop.’

Album Summary of Adekunle Gold’s ‘Tequila Ever After’

Album Summary of Adekunle Gold's 'Tequila Ever After'

Adekunle Gold’s evolution as an artist has been a captivating journey. He defies the constraints of conventional expectations, shedding the AG Baby persona to embrace the playful and confident identity of Tio Tequila.

Each transformation reflects his unwavering commitment to artistic growth, leaving fans and critics eagerly anticipating the next chapter in the chronicles of Adekunle Gold’s musical odyssey.

The continuous reinvention of his artistic persona leaves a profound impact, unveiling intriguing motives behind his evolving character. It becomes apparent that he perceives himself as a dynamic artist who relishes the enthralling process of evolution.

It appears to be a sincere effort to prove a point to those who once confined him to a solitary box, thus standing as a testament to his refusal to conform to mere aesthetics in a game that often demands uniformity.

The true intentions behind his steady rebranding remain known only to Adekunle Gold, shrouded in mystery. Amid his creative transformation, one undeniable fact emerges – the middle-aged singer confidently adorns his dynamic robes.

Album Summary of Adekunle Gold's 'Tequila Ever After'

Embracing change with fervor, he has cast off the pseudonym AG Baby and embraced the new persona of Tio Tequila. Initially perceived as impulsive by fans, this shift soon revealed itself as another tactical move in Adekunle Gold’s quest for artistic reinvention.

Fearlessly embracing the lavish lifestyle that accompanies fame and success, Tio Tequila exudes unabashed audacity. This boldness is even more pronounced in his fifth studio album, ‘Tequila Ever After.’ Within this musical opus lies the manifestation of Adekunle Gold’s unwavering ambition for sonic mellifluousness.

Tracklists of Adekunle Gold’s ‘Tequila Ever After’

1Chasing Peace Of MindAdekunle Gold, Habib Koité & Ami Faku3:27
2Party No Dey StopAdekunle Gold & Zinoleesky2:48
3SoroAdekunle Gold2:42
4Tio BabyAdekunle Gold2:19
5OgaranyaAdekunle Gold2:48
6Wrong PersonAdekunle Gold & ODUMODUBLVCK2:43
7Don’t Be A BabyAdekunle Gold2:28
8Do You Mind?Adekunle Gold2:27
9Sisi GanjaAdekunle Gold2:23
10Make It EasyAdekunle Gold & Coco Jones3:19
11Not My ProblemAdekunle Gold2:51
12KereAdekunle Gold2:40
13Look What You Made Me DoAdekunle Gold & Simi2:54
14Omo EkoAdekunle Gold2:33
15Come Back To MeAdekunle Gold & Khalid2:45
16Falling UpAdekunle Gold, Pharrell Williams & Nile Rodgers3:19
17To My OwnAdekunle Gold3:06
18All My LifeAdekunle Gold2:42

Frequently Asked Questions

When did Adekunle Gold come out?

Adekunle Almoruf Kosoko, an illustrious individual born on 28th January 1987, professionally acknowledged as Adekunle Gold and AG Baby, emerges as a Nigerian Afrobeats crooner and a proficient lyricist, presently under the wing of Def Jam Recordings. His ascendancy to fame transpired with the unveiling of the sensational 2015 anthem “Sade,” an elevated rendition of One Direction’s immortal “Story of My Life.” Sealing a pact with YBNL Nation, he published his premier studio album, christened “Gold,” in 2015. The album graced the Billboard World Albums chart, soaring to the seventh position. Preceding this accomplishment, Gold presented the world with a trio of chartbusters: “Sade,” “Orente,” and “Pick Up.”

How much is Adekunle Gold Money?

Adekunle Gold is a preeminent luminary amidst Nigeria’s resplendent music panorama. Renowned for his musical virtuosity and distinctiveness, this maestro commands an estimated $1 million (500 Million Naira), further augmented by a highly lucrative accord inked with Unity Bank.

Who found Adekunle gold?

Adekunle Gold, hailing from Lagos Island’s illustrious and distinguished royal lineage, emerges as a luminary of rare talents. Born as Adekunle Kosoko, this scion of Nigeria possesses an impeccable flair for graphic design and a soul-stirring gift in the realm of music, a discovery attributed to none other than the renowned Olamide Baddo.