Pompi Biography: The African Eagle's Soaring Journey in Music, Faith, and Identity

Pompi Biography and Net Worth in 2023: Pompi’s real name is Chaka Nyathando. Commonly known as the “African eagle,” he stands synonymous with his multifaceted identity. Pompi hails from Lusaka, Zambia, where he is a gospel artist, songwriter, creative virtuoso, entrepreneur, and the astute CEO of Lota House (House of Dreamers).

Pompi Biography: The African Eagle's Soaring Journey in Music, Faith, and Identity

Lota House is a media brand that boasts of reputable artists like Tio, Izrael, Abel Chungu, and Mag44, and prides itself as a leader and creative innovator in the Zambian Media industry. Pompi’s musical compositions resonate with the profound essence of gospel teachings, seamlessly weaving together the vibrant threads of Afro-soul, RnB, and rap genres.

Pompi Biography and Net Worth in 2023

Inspecting Pompi Biography, you would discover that Pompi is one the richest and most illustrious Gambia gospel musicians, his net worth is estimated to be currently around $350.000- $1.7 Million as of 2023

Pompi Biography: Early Life and Career

Early Life and Career of Pompi

Looking closely at Pompi Biography, Pompi emerges as a distinguished figure in the symphony of Zambian musicians, basking in the limelight that stretches beyond borders. His music videos have graced esteemed platforms like MTV Base and Channel O, imprinting his presence on the pan-African canvas.

A crowning moment for Pompi was in 2009 when he clinched the number one spot on the “Young Gifted and African” segment on Channel O. December 8, 2012, he released his inaugural album, titled ‘Mizu.’ An echoing crescendo reverberated through Zambia, where ‘Mizu’ claimed the throne as the best-selling album for an impressive streak of 12 weeks.

A shower of accolades followed suit. 2011 witnessed Pompi seizing the coveted BNB (Born and Bred) Award for Best Gospel Artist. The following year, 2013, ushered in a dual triumph at the Zambia Music Awards (ZMAs), where he secured titles in two categories: the Best Gospel Male Artist and the Best Gospel Male Album.

Amidst these milestones, Pompi’s melodies graced the stage of the Big Brother Africa eviction show in June 2013, further cementing his stature as a musical icon in Zambia and even Africa.

 In 2011, former President Rupiah Banda handpicked him to represent the young people on Youth Day for the ”Tomorrow’s Zambia Awareness Campaign,” a noble initiative designed to enlighten the younger generation about the youth empowerment fund and the Kwame Nkrumah University.

A global ambassador, Pompi’s participation in the World Economic Forum as one of the distinguished ten Global Shapers representing Zambia resulted in creating the transformative Lusaka Hub. Armed with an honors degree in Business Systems, Pompi’s multifaceted journey continues to leave an indelible mark that resonates with unwavering brilliance.

Beyond the realm of melodies, Pompi ascended as a beacon for African youth, an ambassador of aspiration cultivated through innate talents. Notable and outstanding personalities, including Chief Igbinedion of Nigeria’s Benin State, Prince Africa Zulu of South Africa, and Zambia’s 4th President, His Excellency Rupiah Banda, have all recognized and celebrated Pompi.

Pompi Biography: The African Eagle's Soaring Journey in Music, Faith, and Identity

One of Pompi’s songs- ‘Hipolopolo’ was endorsed by Supersport and used as the anthem of the Zambian soccer league. Through the U.S. State Department, he went on a tour of the U.S. to explore the harmonies of music and civic engagement.

The U.S. State Department issued him and 20 other media personalities selected from 20 countries with IVLP (International Visitors’ Leadership Program) certificates.

The tour earned Pompi a prominent feature in the prestigious Rolling Stones magazine, encapsulating his journey in a four-page article. The resounding cadence of ‘Mizu’ gave way to the resplendent dawn of the ‘Broken English’ Album in 2015, another gem in Pompi’s artistic treasury.

Yet another pioneering chapter unfurled as Prince Africa Zulu extended a personal invitation to Pompi, making him the first Zambian artist to grace the Royal Onkweni Music Festival, captivating both the Zulu King and a multitude of other people.

Pompi Biography: Value and Beliefs

Values and Beliefs of Pompi

Beyond the rhythms, his purpose pulsates — to craft harmonies that kindle inspiration and rekindle the flambeau of African heritage. Amidst the tide of Westernized perceptions perpetuated by media, Pompi underscores the essence of preserving the African ethos.

Through his sonic expressions and sartorial choices, he champions the resurgence of African identity, a mosaic woven from music, fashion, and the cultural kaleidoscope.

Pompi Biography: Wife and Family

Pompi’s Wife and Family

Pompi is happily married to the beautiful Esther Chungu, a revered gospel star signed to Brave Only Music, founded by Mag 44 and Steven Mwale. Pompi and Esther have a son together. They welcomed their first fruit and firstborn son on Saturday, 19th August 2023.

Esther has won some awards, including the Sauti Award, Diamond TV Personality of the Year Award, and the Anazaki Women of the Year Award. Pompi and Esther Chungu got married in 2021.

Pompi Biography 2023

Stage Name:Pompi, The African Eagle 
Real Name:Chaka Nyathando
Occupation:Gospel Singer, Rapper. Entrepreneur.
Date Of Birth/Age:November 27. 1987 (35 years old)
Place of Birth:Lusaka, Zambia
Marital Status:Married
Education:Honors in computer science from Monash University in South Africa/ Honors in Business systems
Spouse:Esther Chungu
Musical Influence:Nas, Common, Roots, Method Man, Kirk Franklin, Mali Music, Da Truth, Sho Baraka, Dwayne Tryumf, Hillsong, Jesus Culture, John Mayer, India Arie, Tarrus Riley, and Lauryn Hill 
Discography:Mizu, Broken English, Bwana, Become, Pole Pole
Net Worth:$350.000- $1.7 Million